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Premier Colored Pencils for Adults Coloring Books, Premium Artist Colored Pencil Set (72-Count), Handmade Canvas Pencil Wrap, Extra Accessories Included, Holiday Gift, Oil based Color Pencils


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Editor's Review of the JOYSTAR Colored Pencils

JOYSTAR Colored Pencils for Kids is a highly-rated pencil set with vibrant colors. This pencil set includes 10 different colors, and each color has 10 pieces. The pencils are crafted with the finest quality wood and they're very durable and easy to sharpen. The best part is that these pencils are non-toxic and safe for kids. These pencils will be a great gift for any child who loves drawing and coloring. We recommend this product to anyone who wants to give their kids a special gift or just to keep them busy during long car rides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these pencils PREMIUM QUALITY?

Yes, these pencils are PREMIUM QUALITY.

Are these perfect holiday gifts?

Yes, these are perfect holiday gifts.

Are these JOYSTAR Colored Pencils non-toxic?

Yes, these JOYSTAR Colored Pencils are non-toxic.

Are JOYSTAR Colored Pencils guaranteed?

Yes, JOYSTAR Colored Pencils are guaranteed.

What are the Premium Features?

The Premium Features of the JOYSTAR Colored Pencils for Adults and Kids, 12 Colored Pencils, Arts and Crafts Supplies, Non-Toxic Lead Free, Drawing Pencil for Adults and Kids, Prismacolor Art Sketching Art Colors, Art Supplies for Teens, Adults, Kids, Students by JOYSTAR include:.

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JOYSTAR Colored Pencil 72-Count View It on Amazon This is a high-quality set of pencils that have been beautifully crafted using recycled wood and, therefore, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. Besides this, the pencils are in a canvas pencil case that allows for the convenient keeping and portability of the units.

7.Orionstar An Artists Set of 72 Colored Pencils set of colors with a zipper case for adult artist beginner. This pencils is also great for students in the arts. The set contains five solid colors, five smudge resistant shades, four accent colors, and a sketch pad to practice on.

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Our Best Choice for the Best coloring Pencils available, this stunning Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils set features 72 premium colors and shades with soft, thick cores that are perfect for getting the shading and shadowing you want just right while are still strong enough to draw clear, bright lines with ease.

★【PREMIUM QUALITY】: Our colored pencils set comes with 72 different colors that are vibrant for your drawing pad or coloring books. All 72 colored pencils are uniquely designed and manufactured for art enthusiasts, as well as aspiring and professional artists.

★【PREMIUM QUALITY】: STAR-JOY colored pencils set comes with 72 different colors that are vibrant for your drawing pad or coloring books. All 72 colored pencils are uniquely designed and manufactured for art enthusiasts, as well as aspiring and professional artists.

JOYSTAR: Material: Wood colored pencils: Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.8 x 6.3 x 2.3 inches: About this item ★【ADDITIONAL PREMIUM ACCESSORIES】: A pure handmade woven canvas pencil wrap could store and well protect your 72 colored pencils, A premium artist pencil sharpener (color will be Red, Blue, Black in random) and a colored pencil special eraser, A premium artist pencil extender (color ...

-Colored pencil special eraser-Pencil Extender. Note: Just the accessories in this set alone have well over a 20 dollar real value, but they're included at no extra cost when you order your STAR-JOY colored pencils set today. Premium Quality Lead. 0.13 Inches Soft Core Gives You a Seamless and Uninterrupted Drawing Experience.

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