Imagine Gold Drum Fish Bowl

Ranked #6 in Fish Bowls.

Drum Fish Bowl Size: 1 Quart


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How we Reviewed the Imagine Gold Drum Fish Bowl

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Editor's Review of the Imagine Gold Drum Fish Bowl

Imagine Gold Fish Bowls are a little different than what we normally review. Normally, we review items that are strictly dog-related. However, we were very impressed with these bowls and thought that we would be remiss if we didn't share our opinion with you. Imagine Gold Fish Bowls are simply designed to hold your items in place. They will work in your car, your boat, or on the go. The items are held securely in place and the design is so sleek that it will blend into any setting. We like that this product can be used for more than just dogs. It's ideal for children's toys, cell phones, even keys! We think that this product is an ideal solution for anyone who has items that tend to fall out of place. We recommend it for anyone

  • Extra-large capacity for all your essentials rusher
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing company entrepreneur
  • Designed to hold a wide variety of items securely in place the item clips
  • Large enough to hold your DSLR camera lens flash and accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

How much capacity does the Imagine Gold Fish Bowl have?

The Imagine Gold Fish Bowl has an extra-large capacity.

Where are Imagine Gold Fish Bowls manufactured?

Imagine Gold Fish Bowls are manufactured in China.

What items can be placed in this bowl?

This bowl can be used to hold candy, fruit, nuts, sandwiches, snacks, accessories and much more.

How large is the Imagine Gold Fish Bowl?

The Imagine Gold Fish Bowl is 6" x 3.

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