Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector

Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector: Reviews, Pricing & FAQ

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Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector
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First Published on May 29th, 2020. Last Updated on July 14th, 2020.
Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector

Escort Max 360C is probably one of the most modern radar detectors you will get in the market. It is built for the connected car and connects to the car's WIFI to alert you on the latest ticket threats in real-time. It is also compatible with android and iPhone devices and can thus be used in non-connected vehicles as well. The laser-eye 360 degrees protection is possible thanks to the forward and rear-facing antennas that pick threats from all directions.

The Max 360C features advanced auto-learn technology capable of learning your most traveled route and adjusting sensitivity to ensure the best results with your vehicle speed. This, coupled with an intelligent GPS and highly sensitive IVT filter, gives you the best driving experience interrupted by only legitimate radar alerts.

It is further supported by the Escort live community through the live app and website where members share the most recent ticket threats, including red light and speed camera locations, local speed limits, live traffic data, and traffic radar locations. For your convenience, the gadget comes with a Smart Cord USB fitted with an auto-mute button and a completely mounting system for easy installation. If you are new to radar detectors, you should invest in it since it is very straightforward to use and control, plus it has an unrivaled accuracy level.

Key Features:

  • Voice alerts for a hands-free experience
  • Built-in WiFi
  • IVT filter with auto-learn technology
  • 360-degree protection

The Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector is a Radar Detector made by Escort. As of July 14th, 2020, it costs $599.95 on It's ranked #3 on our list of the Best Radar Detectors of July 2020. We Recommend This Product!

🛒 $599.95 on Amazon
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, the software can be updated very quickly at home. The Max 360C can even be updated through WiFi.

Yes, the power cord does have a mute button.

It comes with a windshield mount, and the detector attaches to mount by sliding into the magnetic slot.

Yes, the entire K band or narrow portions of it can be disabled; however, police still use K band heavily, so we do not recommend doing this. Be aware that our MAX detectors have the most advanced false alert filtering in the industry (called IVT Filtering). It will filter out virtually all of these vehicles.

The Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector weighs 0.62lbs.

The dimensions of the Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector in inches are 3.6" width x 5.43" length x 1.36" height.

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Product Meta Details

Lastest Price:$599.95
Lastest Score:86.00%
EAN: 0737795203711
MPN: 0100037-1
Weight: 0.62 lbs
Height: 1.36 inches
Length: 5.43 inches
Width: 3.6 inches
Brand: Escort


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