Do, Re & Mi Musical Guitar

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Do, Re & Mi Musical Guitar, 23.5” - Built in Song, Play Along - for Kids 3 and Up - Easy to Hold Guitar - Music Toy for Kids - Amazon Exclusive


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Editor's Review of the Do, Re & Mi Musical Guitar

The most important thing to know about this guitar is that it's a real guitar, not a toy. It has an actual sound hole and everything. While the sound hole does have a screen over it to make sure no little fingers get cut, it's still a real instrument. The manufacturer's suggested age range is 4-10 years old, but we think any child with an interest in music will enjoy this toy. It comes with everything you need to start playing except for an amp. The guitar itself looks just like the one from the show, down to the stickers on the body and the color of the strings. You don't need to tune it or anything, but if you want to play along with the TV show, you'll need to buy an amp separately. Overall, we think this

  • Encourages auditory and creativity skills while introducing music
  • Official merchandise from the Amazon Original series Do Re Mi
  • Introduce music to your kids and see them fall in love with the guitar
  • Perfectly sized for kids washer
  • Durable nylon strings that won t hurt their hands it
  • Inspired by their favorite show them

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the product dimensions?

Do, Re & Mi Musical Guitar, 23" x 14" x 4.

What is the name of the Amazon Original series that this product is from?

The Amazon Original series that this product is from is called Do, Re & Mi.

What is the best way to introduce music to your kids?

The best way to introduce music to your kids is through the Do, Re & Mi Musical Guitar, 23.

Is the guitar for kids?

Yes, the Do, Re & Mi Musical Guitar, 23 is for kids.

What are the nylon strings made of?

The nylon strings are made of metal.

Is the musical guitar inspired by a show?

Yes, the musical guitar is inspired by their favorite show.

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[In this verse, a G is actually played instead of an F, but I think it sounds better this way] C Doe, a deer, a female deer G Ray, a drop of golden sun C Me, a name I call myself F Far, a long, long way to run C F Sew, a needle pulling thread D G La, a note to follow Sew E Am Tea, a drink with jam and bread F G That will bring us back to C (Do) So Do F (Re) La Fa C (Mi) Mi Do G (Fa) Re C (So ...

G Let's start at the very beginning G A very good place to start F C When you read you begin with A-B-C F C When you sing you begin with do-re-mi C Do-re-mi, do-re-mi G F C The first three notes just happen to be C Do-re-mi, do-re-mi C (F) (C) G Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti Let's see if I can make it easy C Doe, a deer, a female deer G Ray, a drop of golden sun C Me, a name I call myself F Far, a long ...

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Do Re Mi is a musical with music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, and a book by Garson Kanin, who also directed the original 1960 Broadway production. The plot centers on a minor-league con man who decides to go (somewhat) straight by moving into the legitimate business of juke boxes and music promotion. The musical was headlined by the comedy couple of Phil Silvers and ...

If you play the c-major scale on a keyboard, which are all white keys played beginning at c, you get c → do, d → re, e → mi, f → fa, g → sol, a → la, b → ti. Analyzing the intervals you find a half tone step between mi and fa and between ti and do. The position of these semitones within the scale gives it its characteristic. The Classic scale learning sing-a-long!

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