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Ranked #9 in Best Radar Detectors
BESWORLDS Radar Detector
⚠️ Caution: Issues Reported with This Product!
Price last updated: 2020-08-06 04:05:43 PM

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First Published on May 29th, 2020. Last Updated on August 6th, 2020.
BESWORLDS Radar Detector

If you are looking for a high-performance yet affordable radar detector, this is the way to go. You get all the essential features supported by an extreme range super heterodyne technology and a super-fast sweep circuitry that notifies you of the presence of radar gun signals before the cops spot you. With this device, you will remain ahead of traffic monitors and avoid over-speeding penalties and fines.

With a 360 degrees coverage, you will be aware of the police radar regardless of the direction they may come from. The super-efficient laser detector will alert you ahead of time if K-band, X-band, and laser speed traps used by the police are detected anywhere on your route. It can detect radar waves originating from a distance in the range of 450 miles and up to 2500 miles depending on the frequency band used. This is quite a good range whose lower bound is lower than that of other popular radar detectors.

This gadget is straightforward to use and does not require any expertise to install; it will be up and running with a simple power plug. Further, the device comes with a digital display and an alternative voice alert that enables you to maintain focus on the road without risking the over speeding tickets.

Key Features:

  • 360 degrees coverage
  • Digital display and voice alert
  • Wide laser detection range of 450 to 2500 miles
  • Digital display and voice alerts

The BESWORLDS Radar Detector is a Radar Detector made by BESWORLDS. As of August 6th, 2020, it costs $18.73 on It's ranked #9 on our list of the Best Radar Detectors of August 2020. Caution: Issues Reported with This Product!

🛒 $18.73 on Amazon
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes it does.

Yes it takes videos and records audio.

Yes, it works with any phone with a standard headphone jack.

Your iPhone will require no extra app to use this device. Android devices may need the app depending on the model.

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