Product Advisor

About Product Advisor

Product Advisor is the world’s first real-time, AI-driven product research tool.

With over 5 years in research and development, our algorithm mines data from all over the web; from verified product reviews, expert recommendations, social media signals and buying statistics to bring you the most unbiased research available.

Our Scoring Methodology:

How we weigh our factors and mine the web is our secret formula, we think it’s fair to share what data we look at to determine our scores.

Verified Reviews

Our scores look at reviews from verified purchasers found on major online shopping platforms. Part of our algorithm looks at how all the reviews made by individual reviewers to help filter out fake reviews.

Social Media Signals

We look at what people are saying about products on social media and determine sentiment. We weigh each post by its likely hood to be sponsored. Large influencers carry less weight than “regular” accounts.

Expert Reviews

We crawl millions of niche websites and online publications to see how experts are rating the products we include in our index. The more often a product is recommended by experts, the higher we score the product.

Sales Volume

We use both internal and external sales data to determine the popularity of a product in terms of total sales. We compare relative popularity of each product within it’s own niche to factor into our scores.