The Best Underwater Scooter: Reviews, Price Comparisons, FAQ

You have to travel a lot, but you never want to miss out on the fun in the water. This is where the underwater scooter comes in. With it, you can swim and dive at incredible speeds without having to use your arms at all. Simply sit back and enjoy the ride. In this guide, we will review the top underwater scooters on the market to help you find the perfect one for your next trip.

TC-Home Diving Sea Scooter


Highly Recommended!
Price Updated: 20 hours ago

G GENEINNO S1-Pro Underwater Scooter


Highly Recommended!
Price Updated: 8 hours ago

WINDEK Navbow SUBLUE Underwater Scooter


Price Updated: 2 months ago
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Underwater Scooter Reviews

TC-Home Diving Sea Scooter Swimming Boosters Electric 300W Underwater Scooter, Battery Include

TC-Home Diving Sea Scooter Our Score: 90% - Highly Recommended!

It's a little difficult to find a good and reliable sea scooter. However, this product has received a ton of positive reviews and is one of the most popular on the market. We are impressed with the quality of this product, especially since it comes at such a low price. It has a maximum depth of 30 meters, which is pretty impressive for a sea scooter. Furthermore, it can run for about 20 minutes before needing to be recharged. Overall, we think this is a great product that is very well-priced. If you're looking for a sea scooter, we recommend this one!

  • Max Depth: 30M 100ft ; Run Time: about 20 -
  • This is a product feature optimizerFINEST
  • Great for swimming and snorkelingisSpecial
  • 24V battery is replaceable and easy to charge
S1-Pro Underwater Sea Scooter Dual Motors 2-Speed for Water Sports Swimming Pool Diving & Snorkeling with Action Camera Mount, Dive Up to164 ft, 4 mph, 45 mins running time, Orange (Orange) (Orange)

G GENEINNO S1-Pro Underwater Scooter Our Score: 90% - Highly Recommended!

G GENEINNO S1-Pro is the latest and high tech waterproof sports action camera. It is fully compatible with GoPro accessories, allows you to do more than you ever thought possible. You can record 1080P video at 30 fps and 720P video at 60 fps with a 170 degree wide angle view. It is very simple and easy to use, it is also able to capture every precious moment without missing any details.

  • Lowered running sound to less than 60dB
  • Swim further and longer than ever before slaught
  • Simple and easy to use Record everything under water in a most direct view
  • Great for all ages and levels of fitness
  • Proven to last more than 1000 hours of use the motor is also
WINDEK SUBLUE Navbow Smart Underwater Scooter with Action Camera Mount OLED Display 40M Waterproof for Water Sports Swimming Pool & Diving & Snorkeling

WINDEK Navbow SUBLUE Underwater Scooter Our Score: 81% - Recommended

I bought this after getting a new car. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it is really good. I like the idea of being able to see your speed without having to look down at the dash, although it does take a bit of getting used to. The battery life is excellent, and you can still use the unit if the battery runs out as it has a power lead. The only thing I have noticed is that you have to be careful if you're driving in an area with lots of overhead cables, as it will pick them up and display them as speed sensors! It would be good

  • 60 mins battery life 3-speed switch 2m s
  • Single-hand control with DTC kit D-ring buckle and tow
  • Provides quick information about the status of the device 20439
  • Compatible with GoPro and all action cameras PRODUCT FEATURES: - With
  • Battery compartment is not watertight seal design so water get in there is
Yamaha Seascooter Explorer, Blazing Orange w/Camera Mount, Ocean, Pool Water Scooter

Stallion Yamaha Seascooter Explorer Our Score: 79% - Satisfactory

Highly portable and compact design with safety features. 30-foot depth can go 30 feet deep. Includes Go Pro compatible action camera mount and a float/hook so you can secure it to a boat or dock. This is one of the best-selling scooters on the market right now.

  • Includes Go Pro compatible action camera mount shapeshifter
  • 30-foot depth it can go 30 feet deep
  • Highly portable and compact design with safety features
  • Swim and snorkel safely with your kids
  • FAA compliant battery and charger
WINDEK SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix Pro Underwater Scooter with Action Camera Mount Dual Motor 40M Waterproof for Water Sports Swimming Pool & Diving & Snorkeling & Sea Adventures (Mix Pro Black)

WINDEK SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix Pro Our Score: 77% - Satisfactory

I love this thing. I don't usually write reviews, but I just had to share. I love the WinDeK SUBLUE WhiteShark hoverboard. It's my favorite toy! It's fast, fun, and easy to learn. It is sturdy and feels safe. My kids have learned how to ride it in a few minutes and they have all kinds of fun on it. If you are thinking about getting one, go ahead and get it. You won't regret it! </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>

  • DUAL-MOTOR: The world s FIRST DUAL
  • Longer run time with fast charging
  • Built-in phone mount universal mount for action camera
  • Easy to carry everywhere be
  • Low battery alert waterproof floater zero buoyancy and propeller
Asiwo Underwater Scooter with Action Camera Mount - Dual Motor Sea Scooter OLED Display Waterproof for Diving Swimming Snorkeling Adventures and Chasing Fish

Asiwo Underwater Scooter Our Score: 77% - Satisfactory

We got the Asiwo Underwater Scooter for our 14 year old son. He has wanted an underwater camera to film fish and coral reefs for a long time. We were happy to see that this scooter comes with a decent camera for such a low price. After a full charge of 2 hours, you can use it up to 45 minutes at a time. With an attached wrist strap, your kid will be able to maneuver around easily and safely. The only downside is that this is not a very fast scooter, but it's perfect for the beginner scuba diver. We highly recommend

  • The product is ready to use after a full charge of 2 hours A
  • Dive up to 30 meters deep and capture amazing photos and videos of marine life
  • Self-floating design prevents the scooter from sinking Child safety lock
  • Quick and easy to use Press the left and right magnet switches for immediate
  • Waterproof casing for any action camera or waterproof camera
sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter Dual Motors, Action Camera Compatible, Water Sports Swimming Pool Scuba Diving for Kids/Adults

sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter Our Score: 77% - Satisfactory

If you are looking for a camera to record under water, we would like to recommend the SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix Underwater Action Camera. It has a high definition of 1080P, 120-degree wide angle, and full HD 1080P resolution. The design is portable and easy to carry. The camera is waterproof if setup correctly. If you are looking for a waterproof action camera, this is a great choice.

  • Sublue is waterproof if setup correctly
  • Full HD 1080P resolution 120-degree wide angle easy to use
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Great for fun in a safe range easy to use and can float
  • Maximum 3 35miles h speed waterproof up to 40m
Yamaha Explorer Seascooter with Camera Mount Recreational Series Underwater Scooter , White / Blue

Yamaha Explorer Seascooter Our Score: 68% - Caution

We recommend this product to anyone who loves spending time on the water. The Yamaha Explorer Seascooter is great for exploring the ocean. It's fun and easy to use, so you can enjoy yourself. It's small enough to fit in your backpack or suitcase, so you can take it anywhere. This product is small, but powerful enough to get you around the water. You won't be disappointed with this purchase. We believe this is a great addition to any water-loving individual's collection.

  • Depth Rating: 30 feet 10 meters
  • Floating Sea Scooter by SeaDoocean
  • Safety features include an auto-shutoff dual-trigger control
  • Camera mount integration for GoPro cameras or other sport cameras
  • POWERED - By a sealed lead acid battery battery is included occ
sublue Seabow Professional Smart Electric Underwater Scooter for Diving, Photography, Sports (Green)

sublue Seabow Professional Underwater Scooter Our Score: 67% - Caution

sublue Seabow Professional Smart Electric underwater scooter is the world's first dual-motor underwater scooter. With a single hand, you can adjust the direction of the scooter with ease. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to take underwater photos, whether you're a novice or an expert. The unique design of this product allows you to be able to take clear photos without any movement. We highly recommend this product. To begin, the machine will need a voice to ask it questions and give it commands. To do this, Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is used. AVS

  • The world s first dual-motor underwater scooter supports one-handed
  • Compatible with many cameras and equipment Everyone can be underwater photography masters
  • Maximum underwater maneuverability was not a feature
  • Easy to read OLED display for battery life and mode frontrunner
  • Compatible with GoPro cameras and most digital cameras handheld video cameras cam
Hoverstar Underwater Scooter, CE and UL Approved - for Shallow Dives, Snorkeling Adventures and Chasing Fish - Dives up to 66 ft - 3 Level Speed, Rechargeable. (Black)

Havospark Hoverstar Underwater Scooter Our Score: 61% - Caution

Havospark Hoverstar Underwater Scooter is one of the best gifts for kids and adults who love the water. The unit features a powerful 500W motor that can drive up to 1 hour on a single charge. It has an ergonomic design, so you can rest assured your hands will not cramp up while you are scooting around. This is a great product to explore the depths of the ocean. You can capture photos and videos of the scenery and then show them off to your friends.

  • Marine vehicle for divers and snorkelers Features:
  • Compatible with all camerasihilation
  • Can track distance speed pace calories burned and location with the GPS
  • Superior safety features List of products:
  • Sturdy and durable enough to carry 4 adults at once

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1 90% $234.19 $234 0%
9 90% $656.52 $563 17%
23 81% $999.00 $999 0%
16 79% $399.99 $400 0%
79 77% $691.82 $700 -1%
3 77% $359.00 $359 0%
224 77% $478.40 $470 2%
121 68% $330.46 $330 0%
27 67% $998.02 $998 0%
10 61% $1,699.00 $1,699 0%

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best underwater scooter?

The best underwater scooter is the TC-Home Diving Sea Scooter. The average buyer rates it 5 out of 5 and we scored it 90%. It's available on Amazon for $234.1

How much does a Underwater Scooter cost?

Underwater scooter range in price from $234.1 (TC-Home Diving Sea Scooter) to $562.7 (G GENEINNO S1-Pro Underwater Scooter). The average price for a Underwater Scooter is $675.22

What is the cheapest Underwater Scooter?

The cheapest underwater scooter is the TC-Home Diving Sea Scooter. The average buyer rates it 5 out of 5 and we scored it 90%. It's available on Amazon for $234.1

Best Underwater Scooter Brands

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Average Score: 90%
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Average Score: 90%
2 Products
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Average Score: 81%
1 Products
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Average Score: 79%
1 Products
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Average Score: 77%
2 Products
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Average Score: 77%
1 Products
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Average Score: 68%
1 Products
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Average Score: 61%


Best Budget Underwater Scooters of 2021. Underwater scooters are used for a diverse range of diving preferences and therefore the money you spend really depends on what you want it for. For short, shallow dives, snorkeling, and beginners, there is really no need to buy a top of the range product with features enabling divers to reach depths of 165 feet or more. You will still have lots of fun ...

With the Jerry Rat Underwater Scooter Sea Scooter, the chance to become a master of the watery depths is made possible. This dive scooter is definitely in a league of its own, users have even gone as far as to describe it as the best-designed sea scooter on the market today.

The biggest drawback with the Geneinno Underwater Scooter is its paltry run time. Because it is more powerful than some models, it will only run for a maximum of 45 minutes, and this could prove limiting for some users. At least it does charge back up in just one and a half hours though.

An underwater scooter, or diver propulsion vehicle, can make your dive a little easier - or more exciting - by gently propelling you through the water. Knowing how to find the best underwater scooter will help you cover more of the ocean with less effort while avoiding being caught out miles away from the shoreline. Even James Bond used an underwater scooter - but you don’t have to be a ...

The best underwater scooter options can give you up to two hours of battery life. If you choose an underwater scooter with a shorter use time, consider ordering one or two spare batteries. Weight. Most sea scooters weigh less than 10kg (22lbs), which can still be a bit heavy for children if the device does not float. Note that in case you run out of battery while you are still underwater, you ...

This is an impressive underwater scooter from Japanese manufacturer TUSA. This scooter is unique in that its designed to fit between a diver’s legs, propelling them along and keeping their hands free. Check out the video below to see how it works. This scooter places a definite emphasis on durability and functionality.

3 Professional Dive Series 500Li Underwater Scooter by Yamaha Seascooters – Best Underwater Sea Scooter At the opposite end of the range from the last entry is the Yamaha 500Li Seascooter, which is built for divers. It also has that dive equipment price range, being our most expensive option of the best underwater sea scooters.

The MagicJet is one of the best underwater scooter options in terms of price-to-performance ratio. This scooter’s maximum speed is 6.5 km/h, but you can toggle to a slower speed of 4 km/h (about 2.5 mph) depending on what you’re looking for.

A versatile, high-end, compact sea scooter featuring a sleek, impressive design is easy to control. Under optimum conditions, the Trident's battery is designed to last up to 45 minutes. Traveling at peak speeds of 4 miles per hour will drain the battery more rapidly, however. The unit is manufactured to dive up to 164 feet.

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