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Reading is a beloved pastime for many, but it can be difficult to get in the mood when you are sitting in bed. Whether you are trying to get lost in a good book or just have difficulty falling asleep, the right light can help you find your zen. In this guide, we will review some of the best reading lights on the market to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Vekkia 3000K Warm LED Book Light


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Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light


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AMIS Reading Light


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The Best Reading Light For Beds: Rankings

Reading Light For Bed Reviews

Vekkia 3000K Warm LED Book Light, Easy for Eyes, Clip on Reading Lights for Reading in Bed, Car & Travel, Rechargeable Slim 2.1 oz. Light Weight. Perfect for Bookworms & Kids (Elegant White)

Vekkia 3000K Warm LED Book Light Our Score: 86% - Recommended

It's a very bright light and the neck is not stiff, so it can be adjusted in a number of ways. It will not wake you up in the middle of the night if it's on your nightstand. A great gift for people who read before going to sleep or in bed. This is a great little light.

  • Night light reading lamp for bedtime relaxation suitable for kids and adults
  • Not Disruptive - Worried that your nighttime reading will
  • Great Quality Lightweight The neck on Vekk
  • A book light for reading a nightlight for safety a flashlight for
  • Rechargeable battery can be charged via USB cable or AC adapter Takes
Book Light - Rechargeable Reading Lights for Books in Bed with 3 Colors and 9 Brightness, LED Book Reading Light with Clip for Kids, USB Reading Light for Bed, Sofa, Music Stand, Office, Travel

AMIS Reading Light Our Score: 85% - Recommended

AMIS Reading Light is the perfect light for reading at night or working under poor lighting conditions. It features 9 adjustable brightness, which makes it easy to read or work. The lights are easy to install, and there is no flicker or noise. The lights are easy to install, and the USB interface makes them easy to charge. This is a great gift for anyone who works long hours at night.

  • 9 adjustable brightness
  • A LED light for reading or working at night with no flicker and no
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with USB interface design for more convenient charging BaseType
  • Lightweight Portable weighs only 2 45oz and
Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light Our Score: 85% - Recommended

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light is great for reading in the dark or at night. This product comes with three color temperature modes for dimmable adjustment. You can also recharge it through USB Type-C. The battery life is also very good, and it has a strong illumination. This product is great for a variety of sports, such as camping, hiking, fishing, biking, and more. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Review: The URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat is great for anyone who travels with their dogs often. It's 100% waterproof and wearproof, so you can rest

  • Three color temperature modes for dimmable adjustment
  • USB Type-C rechargeable battery
  • Great for a variety of sports showdown
  • 1 year warranty with free replacement
  • No flickering and blue light filter design with advanced LED beads No eye strain
VAVOFO Rechargeable Reading Light, 7 LEDs with 9 Color Temperature 9 Brightness Levels Clip On Book Lights for Reading in Bed with Power Indicator for Bookworms (Black)

VAVOFO Rechargeable Reading Light Our Score: 85% - Recommended

VAVOFO Rechargeable Reading Light is a fantastic and affordable way to bring extra light into your life. This lightweight and compact reading light is also extremely versatile, you can use it at home, in the office, or even when you're traveling. The package includes a micro USB cable for charging. The 7 LED lights are quite bright and the 9 color temperature settings will give you the right amount of light you need. And its rechargeable battery makes it last for many hours without the need to change the batteries. BEST PRICE HERE !!!

  • 7 Leds 9 Color Temperature - The reading lights have 7pcs
  • 9 brightness modes to choose from
  • Rechargeable Long-lasting Lighting - Usb rechargeable with a
  • Convenient Design-Power Indicator - Vavofo s reading light
  • Adjustable goose neck and non-slip clip design
LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Light Color Changeable/Night Light Clip on for Desk, Bed Headboard and Computers (Black)

LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Desk Light Our Score: 83% - Recommended

This lamp is an excellent choice for both reading and writing. It can be clipped onto your desk or table with the sturdy metal clip, or hung with the provided cord. We were able to angle the light so that it wouldn't shine in our eyes, which was a big problem with other lamps we've owned. The LED light itself is much brighter than the average bulb, and seems to last longer too. This lamp is well worth the price.

  • Free angle adjustable arm and lamp holder
  • Two switches on the cord One has three options: Warm light off
  • Eye-Protection Design: The sturdy reading lamp provides a comfortable lighting environment
  • Wide base for stability
  • Easy to use with 2-prong USB AC adapter and 5 feet
Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed, LED Reading Light for Books and Kindles, 25 Hour Run Time, Kindle & Book Reading Lamp (Batteries Included) , Black

Energizer Clip-On Reading Light Our Score: 83% - Recommended

Energizer Clip-On Reading Light is the perfect product for anyone who has trouble reading in dim light. This light clips on to books, kindles, clipboards, and so much more. It is easy to use and rechargeable. We recommend this product to anyone who enjoys reading in bed at night.

  • Compact Portable: 3 5 x 1 5 x 1
  • Advanced LED technology for natural lighting
  • Over-sized spring clip easily attaches to books Kindles clipboards
  • Optimized beam size for maximum brightness and visibility
  • Clips onto books tablets car visors or any other surfaces
  • A perfect gift for students auto mechanics pilots teachers and more
  • Long-lasting power
LED Reading Light, LACOKI 28 LEDs USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp, 3 Color x 3 Brightness Clip On Light with Safety Switch, Eye Protection Book Light for Reading in Bed, Touch Control Clip Desk Lamp

LACOKI 28 LEDs USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp Our Score: 81% - Recommended

The LED lamp is a useful and indispensable tool for you. If you're looking for a book light that will provide the soft illumination needed to read in bed, this lamp will meet your needs. The 9 different settings (including 3 brightness levels) ensure that you'll be able to adjust the lighting to match your mood or task. The flexibility of the neck allows you to position the light so that it shines where you need it most. The high capacity rechargeable battery allows the lamp to run for over 5 hours on a single charge. It's lightweight and easy to use and carry, and it's also easy to store away

  • Eye-Protect Function The circular lamp head clip light simulates
  • Rechargeable High Capacity The reading lamp built-in
  • 9 different settingselight
  • Easy to Install This light can be installed on the edge of
  • 100 Satisfaction Guarantee We committed 365-Day free
LED Clip On Reading Light, Book Light, 16 Eye Protection LEDs, Bed Light, Clip on Light w/ 3 Brightness Level, USB Rechargeable, Reading Lamp with Slick Touch Control, Perfect for Reading - Vont

Vont LED Clip On Reading Light Our Score: 81% - Recommended

Vont is a clip-on reading light that is designed to help you read more comfortably on your tablet, smartphone, and e-reader. It's really lightweight and easy to clip on to most tablets and phones. The battery life is rated at 60 hours, which is pretty impressive. We like the three different levels of light intensity as well as the 16 LED bulbs. We also like that the light doesn't flicker, which can cause eye strain. Overall, we think this is a great product for those who like to read on their smartphones or tablets and we recommend it.

  • 3 levels of light intensity Received the CES 2018 Innovation Award for
  • Longer battery life
  • 16 LED bulbs for great light and reduced eye strain; Flicker-free
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY CE RoHS certification
  • A clip-on light that can bend to any angle anywhere you need
Clip On Reading Light for Bed Headboard - Rechargeable 16 LED Amber Book Light, 5 Brightness Desk Light Clamp Lamp, Touch Control Dimmable Reading Lamp with Flexible Neck, Gentle Night Light for Kids

Flowlamp Reading Light for Bed Headboard Our Score: 79% - Satisfactory

Flowlamp Reading Light for Bed Headboard is a high quality, adjustable light that you can use for reading in bed. It's perfect for reading on a plane or on a road trip. It attaches to the headboard of your bed with a clip that has a strong grip. The light is soft and warm, and it won't cause eye strain. It runs on two AAA batteries, which are included in the package. This is a great gift for book lovers, especially if they have trouble sleeping at night because they read before going to bed.

  • Amber LED book light
  • Memory Function 5 Brightness Modes
  • 360 Flexible Gooseneck :Reading
  • USB Rechargeable :The book light built in
  • 100 Satisfaction Guarantee flowlamp LED
W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light Clip Laptop Lamp for Book,Piano,Bed Headboard,Desk, Eye-Care 2 Light Color Switchable, Adapter Included, Black

W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light Our Score: 79% - Satisfactory

The W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light is a compact design reading light that is both flexible and adjustable. The light provides cool, natural light by combining LEDs with a lens to produce white light. This is great for eye care. You can use it in your car, office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. The W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light comes with a multifunctional clip that you can use to attach it to almost anything.

  • Unique and compact design for both indoor and outdoor use; Great for eye care
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Multifunctional clip After almost two years of development
  • USB-Powered for a variety of uses off the grid

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best reading light for bed?

The best reading light for bed is the Vekkia 3000K Warm LED Book Light. The average buyer rates it 4.8 out of 5 and we scored it 86%. It's available on Amazon for $15.99

How much does a Reading Light For Bed cost?

Reading light for beds range in price from $11.97 (LACOKI 28 LEDs USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp) to $29.99 (W-LITE 6W LED USB Reading Light). The average price for a Reading Light For Bed is $16.12

What is the cheapest Reading Light For Bed?

The cheapest reading light for bed is the LACOKI 28 LEDs USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp. The average buyer rates it 4.5 out of 5 and we scored it 81%. It's available on Amazon for $11.97

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