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The pitchfork is a simple tool that has been around for centuries. Traditionally used by farmers to help them with their crops, the pitchfork can be used in many different ways. In this guide, we will go over the top 10 pitchforks on the market to help you find the perfect one for your next task.

Forgecraft USA 5-tine Pitch Fork


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Truper 30314 Tru Pro 54-In Manure Fork


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Little Giant DuraFork Polycarbonate Pitchfork


Price Updated: 1 week ago
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Pitchfork Reviews

Forgecraft USA All Steel 5 Tines Manure Pitch Fork

Forgecraft USA 5-tine Pitch Fork Our Score: 88% - Recommended

Forgecraft USA Pitch Fork is a high quality product. It has a long handle, and the forged head and tines in one piece, not welded. The forged head and tines are made of one piece steel. This is a great product at a reasonable price. We recommend this product to anyone who wants a good pitch fork. We received this product free in exchange for our honest review. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Review Are you looking for URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat reviews? The URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat is one of the best dog products on the

  • All-Steel 5 tines Pitch Forksenal
  • Long Handle from 18 to 30 inches tall for your choice
  • Genuine Forged Head and Tines in One Piece Not weld
Truper 30314 Tru Pro 54-Inch Manure Fork 5-Tine, Ash Handle

Truper 30314 Tru Pro 54-In Manure Fork Our Score: 86% - Recommended

The Yeti is a solid choice for anyone looking for a maul. The size is great for anyone, including kids. The grip is very comfortable and the balance is exceptional. It can handle any kind of wood and it's very easy to control.

  • 47-inch professional grade premium North American white ash handle
  • Ergonomic design for ultimate comfort and control
  • Durable construction The Yeti was named after the Siberian
  • New design of forged head
  • Professional grade shovel for commercial use ideal for snow removal digging landsc
Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork (47 Inch)

Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel 47-inch Garden Fork Our Score: 85% - Recommended

Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel is an excellent tool to dig out weeds or loosen the soil. The steel is durable and strong. With a comfortable D-handle, it's easy to use for hours at a time. This tool comes with a lifetime warranty, which we love. We recommend this product to anyone who wants to do some digging or gardening work.

  • Durable garden fork with advanced ergonomics and a rugged build for tough
  • Angled D-handle keeps your wrist in a neutral position to reduce strain
  • Mid-grip shape fits the natural shape of your hand and includes a
  • Limited lifetime warranty with registration
  • Long-lasting durability made to last
Little Giant DuraFork Polycarbonate Attachable Pitchfork Replacement Head with Angled Tines, Red (2 Pack)

Little Giant DuraFork Polycarbonate Pitchfork Our Score: 85% - Recommended

The Little Giant DuraFork is one of the best pruning tools on the market. It's made from polycarbonate, which is more resistant to breaking than other plastics. You can use it to get in close to your plants and prune without damaging them. The tines are replaceable, so you can get a brand new feel each time you use it. This product is easy to clean and comes with a convenient storage bag. It's a great gift for any gardener.

  • Versatile gardening tool for use with all soil types and plants with a
  • Less mess when pouring beverages into a cup or bottle
  • Replaceable head for a new feel every time you shave
  • Pitchfork tines measure 13 125 inches long by 15 125 inches
  • Customized nylon locknut for durability and reliability
True Temper 2812200 4-Tine Spading Digging Fork with 30 in. Hardwood D-Grip Handle, 30 Inch

True Temper 2812200 4-Tine Digging Fork Our Score: 83% - Recommended

True Temper 2812200 4-Tine is a hardwood handle spading forkhead. It is made of forged steel with one-piece construction, and the hardened blade will ensure its strength and durability. The 4-tine design helps to evenly displace the soil in the garden while keeping it loose. The steelhead will be rust-resistant and easy to clean off dirt and grasses, with no more back-breaking bending.

  • Forged spading fork head
  • Easy to clean off dirt and grasses no more back-breaking bending
  • Hardwood handle
  • Poly D-Grip for added leverage and control Made in the USA
  • Made in the USA
Truper 30330 Tru Tough 30-Inch Manure/Bedding Fork, 10-Tine, D-Handle

Truper 30330 30-In Tru Tough Pitchfork Our Score: 83% - Recommended

Truper 30330 Tru Tough 30-Inch Adjustable Bedding Fork is a nice product to use in your garden. The finish is clear and smooth for easy care and play. It's anti-corrosion, anti-rust, easy to clean and no sharp edges. We recommend this product for all gardeners. It's a great addition to your gardening tools. This product is available in different sizes. You can choose the one that suits your need. URPOWER URPOWER There are so many times when we have an idea but we don't know how to express

  • 10 tined bedding fork
  • Finish is clear and smooth for easy care and play
  • Anti-corrosion anti-rust easy to clean no
  • North American ash wood handle for durability and stability; Lacquered for a
  • Truper Tools: trupers best selling signature tool line earthqu
4 Tines Forged Pitch Fork

Forgecraft USA Pitch Fork Our Score: 68% - Caution

Forgecraft USA Pitch Fork is a durable pitch fork for use by kids and adults alike. With a chrome ferrule re-enforcing the handle posture correction barbells, it will be the last pitch fork you will ever need to buy. A must have for any home or commercial garden.

  • Durable for use by Kids and Adults alike
  • Chrome Ferrule re-enforces handle posture correction barbells
  • Assembled in USA 15 sale price discount for wholesaler
  • Heat Treated Tempered for Maximum Strength Balance and Durability
  • 48 Northern American Ash Wood Handle contender
Integrated Pitchfork Analysis: Basic to Intermediate Level

Integrated Pitchfork Analysis: Basic to Intermediate Level Our Score: 61% - Caution

This is a very good product, especially for the price. It's very large and feels quite sturdy. I'm sure it will last me a long time. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid striking tool for their work.

  • Professional grade premium North American white ash handle
  • Improved striking surface for more durability and precision
  • For commercial industrial use; AG dairy farm ranch for a
  • The contractors choice for professional use
  • White ash handles give optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility featuring a traditional oval

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pitchfork?

The best pitchfork is the Forgecraft USA 5-tine Pitch Fork. The average buyer rates it 4.9 out of 5 and we scored it 88%. It's available on Amazon for $49.99

How much does a Pitchfork cost?

Pitchforks range in price from $49.99 (Forgecraft USA 5-tine Pitch Fork) to $49.99 (Forgecraft USA 5-tine Pitch Fork). The average price for a Pitchfork is $55.18

What is the cheapest Pitchfork?

The cheapest pitchfork is the Forgecraft USA 5-tine Pitch Fork. The average buyer rates it 4.9 out of 5 and we scored it 88%. It's available on Amazon for $49.99

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True Temper 2812200 4-Tine Spading Pitchfork Among the best pitchforks for digging, the True Temper 2812200 stands out. This 4-tine fork designed for spading and digging is extremely versatile, and it might just become your favorite gardening tool. The first thing to keep in mind is that it’s shorter than your average pitchfork.

The Best Pitchforks to Loosen Your Soil Don’t get stuck in a hole while looking for a way to work your dirt. The best pitchforks will help loosen tough soil in no time. By Tom Scalisi . BobVila ...

best pitchforks; best pitchforks. 3449 Reviews Scanned Advertising Disclosure . Quick Pick. #TOP 1. Ames Companies Inc 2812200 Fork 2812200 $33.23 View on Amazon Read Review. #TOP 2. Fiskars Ergo D Handle Steel Garden $49.69 View on Amazon Read Review. #TOP 3. Truper 30331 54 Inch Bedding 10 Tine $59.97 View on Amazon Read Review. #TOP 4. Miller Dp201Red Es1 Easy Scoop $30.26 View on Amazon ...

This gardening tool made our list of best pitchforks for mulch because of its Poly D-grip handle. This is the detail that sets it apart from other pitchforks. The manufacturer has given this gardening tool a 30-inch hardwood handle that is durable and very strong. As a result, the pitchfork can moderate your back and neck pain professionally. The handle’s D-Grip makes it much easier to use ...

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You’ll likely find pitchforks constructed with steel pitchfork heads and wood pitchfork handles — and these are durable options. However, forged designs, which are made from one solid piece of metal, increase strength and durability to make an even sturdier sidekick for garden work.

Pitchforks are one of the most common horse stable tools. Pitch forks are used in the barn, pasture or trailer. Pitchfork tools are made with special ergonomic designs and lighter weights to make the chore of mucking less strenuous. Handles come with foam grip to help minimize blisters and improve grip. Basket style forks prevent manure from spilling off the sides of the fork. Smaller sized ...

Best Sellers in Pitchforks #1. GREBSTK Crack Weeder Crevice Weeding Tool Manual Weeder Beech Handle Lawn Yard Gardening Tool 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,568. $15.99 - $16.99 #2. True Temper 2812400 10-Tine Bedding Fork with Hardwood Handle 4.6 out of 5 stars 241. $34.68 - $79.95 #3. Dover Saddlery Fine Tine Fork - 30 Tines 4.3 out of 5 stars 164. $51.95 #4. Radius Garden 20301 PRO Garden Stainless ...

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