The Best Non Contact Infrared Thermometer: Reviews, Price Comparisons, FAQ

Thermometers are used to measure temperature, but what if you could measure it without actually touching the object? Infrared thermometers do just that. They use infrared radiation to measure the temperature of an object without any contact. In this guide, we will review the top infrared thermometers on the market to help you find the perfect one for your next measurement.

Klein Tools IR1 Infrared Thermometer


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LPOW Forehead Thermometer


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Etekcity Infrared Thermometer


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The Best Non Contact Infrared Thermometer: Rankings

Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Reviews

Klein Tools IR1 Infrared Thermometer, Digital Laser Gun is Non-Contact Thermometer with a Temperature Range -4 to 752-Degree Fahrenheit

Klein Tools IR1 Infrared Thermometer Our Score: 85% - Recommended

Klein Tools IR1 Infrared Thermometer is a well-designed infrared thermometer with a 6 foot drop protection by design. It has an optical resolution distance-to-spot of 2.5mm/0.1" and a laser sight for accurate targeting. The instrument is equipped with a laser pointer, which facilitates aiming at the target, while an easy-to-read LCD screen displays the measured temperature with high accuracy. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat (1) It is an awesome dog seat cover for cars. It fits perfectly in my car, and my dog likes it very

  • Infrared Thermometer has an optical resolution distance-to-spot
  • Built-in laser sight for accurate targeting with a low battery indicator and
  • 6 6-foot drop protection by design
  • Measures temperature with high accuracy of 1 8-Degree Fahrenheit
  • Thermometer is NOT intended for use on people or animals
LPOW Forehead Thermometer for Adults, The Non Contact Infrared Baby Thermometer for Fever, Body Thermometer and Surface Thermometer 2 in 1 Dual Mode Medical Thermometer

LPOW Forehead Thermometer Our Score: 83% - Recommended

The high quality of the thermometer is clear, the design is simple, but it's very efficient. The thermometer can measure the temperature of adults in 1-5cm, which is a convenient distance. The maximum memory storage is 50 readings, which can be used for tracking temperature changes. This product is worth every penny.

  • Engineered technology: The non contact infrared body thermometer is design to minimize
  • No touch forehead 1-5cm: The measuring distance between the thermometer
  • 50 readings memory storages: Our thermometer can memory 50 readings to
  • Accurate and fast
  • Multiple measurement modes: Thermometers can not only measure body temperature but
Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 1080 Non-Contact Digital Temperature Gun for Cooking, Reptiles, Pizza Oven (Not for Human), 58℉ to 1022℉ (-50℃ to 550℃), Yellow and Black

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer Our Score: 83% - Recommended

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 1080 is a great tool for those who want to measure surface temperature. It can measure surface temperature from -58 degrees Fahrenheit to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit. It's easy to use and very accurate. This product is not intended for human beings, so you need to know that. Overall, it's a great product for any professional who needs to measure surface temperature. We highly recommend it.

  • Not for human beings
  • Better accuracy for large room measurement
  • Accurate measurements of surface temperature
  • Battery life indicator trademe
  • Use it for cooking ovens; A C refrigerators;
Kizen Infrared Thermometer Gun (NOT for Humans) - LaserPro LP300 Non-Contact Temperature Gun for Cooking, Home Repairs & Maintenance, -58℉ to 1112℉ (-50℃ to 600℃)

Kizen Infrared Thermometer Gun Our Score: 81% - Recommended

This infrared thermometer gun is so easy to use, it's a great choice for anyone! It's versatile design means it can be used in the home or in the industrial workplace. The LCD backlight makes it easy to read in dark areas, and it has a super accurate and fast temperature reading. The thermometer is easy to use and store. It comes with a free hard carrying case, 9V battery, and a detailed instruction manual.

  • Versatile design for home and industrial use
  • LCD backlight
  • Super accurate and fast temperature reading easy to use and store
  • Infrared temperature gun
  • Built for accuracy our laser thermometer gun is made with an advanced temperature
Berrcom Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer JXB-178 Medical Grade Baby Fever Check Thermometer 3 in 1 Contactless for Kids Infant Adult (Batteries Not Included)

Berrcom Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer Our Score: 81% - Recommended

The product is good, but the packaging was not. The box was torn and the thermometer was exposed. We have no idea if it was used or not, but since it was exposed, we had to assume it was. That's why we returned it. Otherwise, we were happy with the product itself. The battery compartment was very easy to open and close and the instructions were easy to follow. It's nice that you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit easily. It also has a memory recall function, which is a nice touch. The screen is easy to read and the buttons are well-placed. We like that it comes with a protective sleeve for storage as well. If you're looking for a good non-contact infrared forehead thermometer

  • and are easily switchable
  • Memory recall and auto shut-off
  • Medical grade accuracy
  • 3 color backlit display with fever alarm
  • Non-contact design
iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer, Digital Infrared Thermometer for Adults and Kids, Touchless Baby Thermometer with 3 Ultra-Sensitive Sensors, Large LED Display and Gentle Vibration Alert (PT3)

iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer Our Score: 81% - Recommended

iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer is a breakthrough device in the health care industry. It is a must-have for every household and it is so easy to use. You can measure your body temperature quickly and easily without touching your forehead with the thermometer. It is easy to read and the measurement results are very accurate. You can take the temperature of your children, babies, and even your pets with it. The iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer comes with a protective cap and an extra probe cover. It can be used for years because it is built to last. We are sure that

  • No Touch Measuring Just Safe and Hygienic: PT3
  • Intuitive single-button control design
  • Suitable for Multi-Scenario and All Ages: iHealth PT3
  • What You Get: 1x PT3 thermometer 2x AAA batteries
  • Tri-Point Sensors accuracy
Femometer Medical Forehead Thermometer, Digital Instant Accurate Reading Forehead Thermometer with LCD Display for Whole Family

Femometer Medical Forehead Thermometer Our Score: 79% - Satisfactory

Femometer Medical Forehead Thermometer is a good tool for monitoring body temperature. It's made of high quality material and durable. It's also easy to use and the reading is very accurate. This is an essential item for anyone who is concerned about their health. I recommend this product to everyone who cares about their health. It's also a great gift for anyone who cares about others' health.

  • Essential item for fever monitoring: The infrared thermometer is a ideal for adults
  • Display for three different temperature levels
  • For human body temperature and object temperature measurement 10 sets of data can be
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries LR03 and Longtime Friendly Customer Service
  • No contact thermometer for taking temperature readings
Thermometer for Adults, Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer,Touchless Infrared Thermometer with LCD Display and Instant Readings (Purple)

Anthsania Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Our Score: 79% - Satisfactory

The Anthsania Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is a high-quality product that we recommend to anyone who wants to measure the temperature of their baby or pet. It's easy to use and can store up to 99 measurement records. The LCD display with backlight makes it easy to read in any light, which is a great feature for nighttime. We love that it has a non-contact design, which means you don't have to touch the thermometer with your baby or pet. This is especially important if they are sick or have open wounds. Overall, this is a great product that we highly recommend.

  • LCD display with backlight
  • Stores up to 99 measurement records
  • Thermometer for fever and basal body temperature
  • Non-contact design
  • Can measure body and surface temperatures
Infrared Forehead Thermometer, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer for Adults, Kids, Baby, Accurate Instant Readings No Touch Infrared Thermometer with 3 in 1 Digital LCD Display for Face, Ear, Body

Hotodeal Infrared Forehead Thermometer Our Score: 79% - Satisfactory

The Hotodeal Infrared Forehead Thermometer is one of the most accurate thermometers you can find. It's a quick, easy, and painless way to measure your temperature, and the results are highly accurate. You can use it to measure your own temperature, or the temperature of liquids and objects as well. We recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good thermometer.

  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Temporal thermometer can measure room object and liquids temperature for all
  • Intelligent design perfect for your health and life
  • Accurate readings with no touching or contact with the patient; fast temperature measurement
  • Great for a variety of sports and activities
Dreambaby Non-Contact Rapid Response Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer - with 20 Readings Memory Recall & 10 sec Automatic Shut-Off Function - for Infants, Children & Adults - White - Model L342

Dreambaby Non-Contact Rapid Response Infrared Thermometer Our Score: 76% - Satisfactory

We've tested a lot of infrared thermometers, and we were really impressed with the Dreambaby Non-Contact Rapid Response Infrared Thermometer. It has a really fast response time, which is important when you're trying to take a temperature of a fussy baby. The large display is easy to read, and the beep that indicates a temperature reading is very soft, which we like. We also love that this thermometer can be used on people of all ages. If you have young children or pets, this is a great product to have in your home.

  • Rapid response time
  • Can be used on people of all ages
  • Fever Alert
  • Silent mode option
  • Batteries included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best non contact infrared thermometer?

The best non contact infrared thermometer is the Klein Tools IR1 Infrared Thermometer. The average buyer rates it 4.7 out of 5 and we scored it 85%. It's available on Amazon for $31.99

How much does a Non Contact Infrared Thermometer cost?

Non contact infrared thermometer range in price from $11.05 (Berrcom Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer) to $39.99 (Dreambaby Non-Contact Rapid Response Infrared Thermometer). The average price for a Non Contact Infrared Thermometer is $21.65

What is the cheapest Non Contact Infrared Thermometer?

The cheapest non contact infrared thermometer is the Berrcom Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer. The average buyer rates it 4.5 out of 5 and we scored it 81%. It's available on Amazon for $11.05

Best Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Brands

22 Products
63,436 Reviews
Average Score: 84%
1 Products
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Average Score: 83%
14 Products
261,334 Reviews
Average Score: 83%


1. Equinox Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Equinox originally designed this device as an instant children’s thermometer. With this low-cost device, a parent or health care professional can instantly take a child’s temperature, the ambient temperature of the room, and the temperature of any surface to which a child may be exposed.

When choosing the best non-contact infrared thermometer, consider the type, price, accuracy and measurement range of the device to ensure it’ll be suitable for your specific needs. Top thermometer picks RAK-F103 Forehead Infrared Thermometer Goltum View details Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer Amazon View details

5 Best Infrared Thermometers- Mar. 2022 - BestReviews Best of the Best Fluke 62 MAX Plus Infrared Thermometer Check Price Durable & Rugged Fast, rugged and well-made industrial infrared thermometer from a trusted brand. Extremely fast response time. Lightweight model with dual laser siting. Durable unit with thousands of satisfied customers.

The Etekcity 1022D is the best value for money non-contact thermometer because while it has many of the same features as its competitors (in some cases it has more), it comes at a much lower price point. This laser infrared thermometer has a wide measurement range for lower temperatures making it ideal for use in freezers or cold spaces.

Fluke 62 Max Infrared Thermometer (Not for Human Temp), -22 to +932 Degree F Range Note: This product is for industrial use only. It is not for human use Infrared thermometer for non-contact surface temperature measurement for use in monitoring electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and automotive systems

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 1080 (Not for Human) Temperature Gun Non-Contact Digital Laser Thermometer-58℉~1022℉ (-50℃~550℃) Blue & Gray, Standard Size View on Amazon SCORE 9.6 AI Score HC SCore is known as Artificial Intelligence, which is capable of simulating human intelligence expressed through programmed machines. ( Read more ) Brand

Best value: Thermometer for Adults, Amerzam Non Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometers The Amerzam Non Contact Thermometer is the perfect gift for adults who want to check the temperature of their skin. The Amerzam's Red and Green Infrared technology allows you to check the temperature of your body parts without using a special type of thermometer.

Infrared Forehead Thermometer, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer for Adults, Kids, Baby, Accurate Instant Readings No Touch Infrared Thermometer with 3 in 1 Digital LCD Display for Face, Ear, Body $19.74 $ 18.74 in stock . Buy Now. as of April 4, 2022 3:07 pm . Features. Non-contact Measuring: Non-contact infrared technology reads from forehead with no physical contact, prevents ...

Non-contact thermometers, sometimes referred to as temperature guns, are simply aimed at the middle of the forehead from a specified distance (explaining why they’re often called “guns”) with infrared rays used to determine the child’s temperature. Readings are usually taken within a few seconds, and some models have other bells and whistles such as visual or audio alerts when the ...

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