The Best Cold Packs: Reviews, Price Comparisons, FAQ

Whether you're a professional athlete or you're just looking to keep in shape, you need to make sure that you are recovering as quickly as possible. If you're sore from your last training session, you can use cold packs to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process. In this guide, we will review the top cold packs on the market to help you find the perfect one for your next workout.

Chattanooga ColPac Reusable Gel Ice Pack


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NatraCure FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack


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medi 55 Instant Cold Packs 24 count


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The Best Cold Packs: Rankings

Cold Pack Reviews

Chattanooga ColPac - Reusable Gel Ice Pack - Black Polyurethane - Oversize - 12.5 in x 18.5 in - Cold Therapy - Knee, Arm, Elbow, Shoulder, Back - Aches, Swelling, Bruises, Sprains, Inflammation

Chattanooga ColPac Reusable Gel Ice Pack Our Score: 86% - Recommended

If you're suffering from back pain, ColPac can be a great help. It has been designed to fit the shape of your body and give you support exactly where you need it. It also allows you to carry your medication with you in an easy-to-reach place. ColPac is non-toxic and made of FDA approved materials. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat – An Overview Now that we have covered the features of this dog seat cover, it’s time to review some customer feedback. On Amazon, this product has received over three thousand reviews with an average rating of

  • Custom-made sizes for all body shapes and sizes
  • Pain relief for over the counter medications
  • ColPacs filled with non-toxic silica gel that will remain
  • Delivers up to 30 minutes of cold therapy at a time
  • One year warranty As of 2018 the Yeti line has grown
FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack (Standard Large: 10.5" x 14.5") - Reusable Ice Pack for Injuries (Cold Pack Compress to aid Back Injuries, Pain Relief for Shoulder, Ankle, Neck, Hip, Elbow, Wrist) - 6300-COLD

NatraCure FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack Our Score: 85% - Recommended

NatraCure 6300-COLD is a highly durable ice pack that stays cold for hours. It's easy to use and moldable, so you can apply it directly to the affected area without any additional wrapping. The size of this ice pack is much larger than others, making it suitable for large areas of pain relief. If you suffer from back pain or injuries, this is the best ice pack for you. It's also very easy to clean and reuse. We highly recommend it! URPOWER Car Seat Cover Dog Seat Cover Waterproof Nonslip Flap Pet Dog Car Back Seat Cover Protector

  • Longer lasting cold pack
  • More flexible than the rest even when frozen
  • Large ice pack for large areas of pain relief
  • Double-sealed seams for leak-proof protection
  • Fast cold therapy for pain relief anytime anywhere
Instant Cold Packs - Pack of 24 (5" x 6") Disposable Cold Compress Therapy Instant Ice Pack for Injuries, First Aid, Pain Relief for Tooth Aches, Swelling, Sprains, Bruises, Insect Bites

medi 55 Instant Cold Packs 24 count Our Score: 85% - Recommended

medi 55 Instant Cold Packs are great for anyone who is into fitness or has a physical job. They are also great for those of us who love to go hiking or camping. These cold packs are super easy to activate and use. You can use them in a variety of ways, from icing your knee after a workout to relieving swelling in your fingers after a long day of work. Great product for anyone! These products have saved me many times! Other websites [ change | change source ]

  • Easily activate it; squeeze shake it stays cold for up to
  • Relieve pain fast in 3 minutes Reduce swelling inflammation Relieve
  • Great for a variety of sports
  • One size fits all is great for many uses
  • Backed by a cast-iron 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarant
Rester's Choice Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable - (Standard Large: 11x14.5") for Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Back - Hot & Cold Compress for Swelling, Bruises, Surgery - Heat & Cold Therapy

Rester's Choice Reusable Ice Pack Our Score: 85% - Recommended

This ice pack is very handy for keeping in the freezer. We use it when our daughter falls down and bumps her knee or elbow. It's very flexible when frozen, and we like that we can wrap it around the affected area. It's also convenient that it's not too large, so it's easy to carry around and store.

  • Therapeutic compression for injuries
  • Non-abrasive exterior that s gentle on skin
  • Flexible when frozen
  • Lifetime guarantee In 2014 in order to promote the sale
  • Relieve pain faster and easier than ever before
Ice Pack (3-Piece Set) – Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Injury Recovery, Alleviate Joint and Muscle Pain – Rotator Cuff, Knees, Back & More (3 Piece Set - Classic)

TrekProof 3-Piece Ice Pack Set Our Score: 83% - Recommended

TrekProof Ice Pack (3-Piece) is a must have for every family, especially if you have kids. It's easy to use and stays in place while the cold pack melts. The dual pack is also great for those who like to travel with more than one child. This product is easy to clean and is very durable. It's also versatile as you can store it in the freezer or pop it in the microwave for extra heat. We recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable ice pack.

  • Compress is easy to use and durable making it great for first aid
  • Dual Pack for extra convenience
  • Soothing therapy wraps for comfort and support
  • Offers therapeutic relief for sore muscles stiff joints and more
  • Relieve a wide range of aches and pains including headaches swelling
Chattanooga ColPac - Reusable Gel Ice Pack - Blue Vinyl - Standard - 11 in x 14 in (28 cm x 36 cm) - Cold Therapy for Knee, Arm, Elbow, Shoulder, Back for Aches, Swelling, Bruises, Sprains, Inflammation

Chattanooga ColPac Gel Ice Pack Our Score: 81% - Recommended

The Chattanooga ColPac is a reusable gel ice pack that works great for on-the-go pain relief. Its patented design allows you to keep the ColPac in your pocket or purse until you need it. It can be used for multiple injuries and ailments, from sprains to headaches.

  • Patented design of the Chattanooga ColPac gently delivers soothing cold therapy and stays
  • Instant pain relief
  • Safe for all ages to use
  • Keeps ColPaC in top condition for longer when frozen
  • Natural ingredients to soothe pain reliever
Instant Ice Cold Pack (4”x 5.5”) – Set of 25 Disposable Cold Therapy Ice Packs for Pain Relief, Swelling, Inflammation, Sprains, Strained Muscles, Toothache – for Athletes & Outdoor Activities

General Medi Instant Ice Cold Pack Our Score: 79% - Satisfactory

I can attest to this product! We had one of these in the freezer when my son was born. Whenever we needed it for his circumcision or his tongue-tie, it was always ready and the best part is it stays cold for a long time!

  • Great for any part of your body head neck hip foot
  • Medical Grade Ice Pack Yeti microphone Yeti is a
  • Instant pain relief rusher
  • Premium quality disposable knee ice packs - Here at General Medi we re
  • Cold therapy that stays cold for hours - no freezer needed
EverOne Instant Cold Pack 5\ X 6\, 50Count

EverOne Instant Cold Pack Our Score: 77% - Satisfactory

The EverOne Instant Cold Pack is great for a variety of sports. Whether you are a football player, baseball player, or someone who likes to exercise, these are the perfect product for you. Just shake it, squeeze it, and apply. These cold packs are very easy to use.

  • Relieve pain and reduce swelling This is a product feature optimizer
  • Just shake squeeze and apply As of January 2018 Yeti
  • Great for a variety of sports - Large or small
  • 50 pack - each order is for 50 5 X 6 Cold packs
  • Instant cold pack - stays cold for up to 15 minutes
Dynarex Instant Cold Pack with Urea (Non-Toxic) 4 x 5 24/Cs

Dynarex Instant Cold Pack Our Score: 77% - Satisfactory

Dynarex Instant Cold Pack with Urea is a handy tool to have around the house. You never know when you may need to use it, so keep a few on hand for emergencies. They are great for sprains, strains, and even fevers. You can also keep them in your car or travel bag for long road trips. The box includes 5 individual packs that are convenient to carry around. The packs are reusable and non-toxic. We recommend this product to anyone who suffers from minor injuries often.

  • A product of choice to those that would prefer not to use a cold pack
  • Non-toxic urea
  • One time use and disposable
  • Relieves minor aches and pains from sports and exercise buildup of lactic
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
Medpride Instant Cold Pack (5”x 6”) – Set of 24 Disposable Cold Therapy Ice Packs for Pain Relief, Swelling, Inflammation, Sprains, Strained Muscles, Toothache – for Athletes & Outdoor Activities

Med Pride Instant Cold Pack 24 count Our Score: 76% - Satisfactory

Medpride Instant Cold Pack is a great accessory for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. The gel inside stays cold for up to 30 minutes and can be easily stored in the freezer before use. The cover is made of a very thin material and not waterproof, so you'll need to keep it in a protective bag or cover it with a blanket or sheet if your dog is likely to mess on the car seat. It's also recommended that you keep the seat cover in the trunk when not in use, as it could pick up odors or other unpleasant things if left on the back seat.

  • Improves recovery time and reduces swelling The Yeti X is compatible
  • No need to freeze before use
  • For athletes hunters hikers and sports enthusiasts alike
  • Versatile cold pack for injuries or general aches and pains; Use on
  • Made of durable and FDA approved materials for safe use by anyone of any age

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cold pack?

The best cold pack is the Chattanooga ColPac Reusable Gel Ice Pack. The average buyer rates it 4.8 out of 5 and we scored it 86%. It's available on Amazon for $30.62

How much does a Cold Pack cost?

Cold packs range in price from $30.62 (Chattanooga ColPac Reusable Gel Ice Pack) to $30.62 (Chattanooga ColPac Reusable Gel Ice Pack). The average price for a Cold Pack is $21.40

What is the cheapest Cold Pack?

The cheapest cold pack is the Chattanooga ColPac Reusable Gel Ice Pack. The average buyer rates it 4.8 out of 5 and we scored it 86%. It's available on Amazon for $30.62

Best Cold Packs Brands

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Average Score: 86%
2 Products
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1 Products
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Average Score: 85%
1 Products
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Average Score: 85%
1 Products
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3 Products
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Average Score: 76%


The Rester’s Choice Gel Cold & Hot Pack is the second-best product on our best cold packs list, and it is not hard to see why. In terms of design and features, it is very similar to our top choice. Like the FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack, this product makes use of a professional-grade gel interior to guarantee flexibility and efficiency.

The area of the body and extent of the injury will determine the best size of cold therapy pack. While smaller packs are ideal for joints or tendons, larger cold therapy packs provide fuller coverage for areas like the back, hips, thighs, or arms.

For a gel pack that is re-usable and moisture-resistant, opt for the Polar Tech Ice Brix Cold Pack. The medium-sized packs use a gel substance for long-lasting cold temperatures in a leak-proof, heavy duty plastic pouch that won’t get your cooler soaking wet by the end of the day. The substance is non-toxic. The packs are 6 x 6 x 1 inches.

7. Instant Ice Wrap for Instant Pain Relief, 2 Packs, Reusable Cold Therapy. By instant-ice-wrap. 8.0. View Product. 8.0. 8. Dynarex Instant Cold Pack, 5 Inches X 9 Inches, 24-Count. By dynarex.

The Arctic Ice Chillin' Brew ice pack is specifically designed to keep beverages cold and effectively cool anything kept in a cooler. The rugged ice pack contains a non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based gel phase-change material (PCM) that freezes at a chilly 28.4 degrees.

The Coldest Water’s cold pack is the best overall option due to the quality, attention to detail, and the straps that come with it. It will stay on whether you’re doing chores at home or doing yoga. No matter what you need to accomplish, it can be done while getting cool relief. Therapy on the move!

Back Ice Gel Pack, LEADSTAR Reusable Gel Ice Pack with Strap Hot Cold Therapy for Back, Knee, Waist, Arm, Elbow, Shoulder, Ankle, Hip - Portable, Soft & Flexible (15" x 6")

Here are our picks for the top 10 best winter backpacking packs: 1. The North Face Cobra 60L The North Face Cobra 60 is a modular winter pack ideal for winter backpacking and mountaineering.

Best Basic Ice Pack Thrice Gel Ice Cold Compress. Soft and Durable. You can store these petite 10.5 by 4.75-inch pliable nylon/vinyl gel packs in the freezer until you need them. What We Liked. Stop using frozen peas to treat your sprains and strains, for real. Start adulting and store a few dedicated ice packs in your freezer for when you need them. The gel stays pliable even when it’s cold ...

Cold packs. Bags of frozen peas or corn are inexpensive, last 10 to 20 minutes, and mould well to your body. Mix 720 mL (3 cups) water and 240 mL (1 cup) rubbing alcohol in a freezer bag. Seal the bag and place it in the freezer until slush forms.

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