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If you're looking for a way to get away from the stresses of life, then board games are a great way to do so. In this guide, we will review the top board games of 2016 to help you find the perfect one for your next game night.

Stonemaier Games Wingspan Board Game


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Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game


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Hasbro Gaming Battleship Classic Board Game


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Board Game Reviews

Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game - An Engine-Building, Area Control for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+ Gray

Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game Our Score: 88% - Recommended

This is a game that is easy to learn and complex enough to keep you on your toes. This is a great addition to the gaming collection of any board game enthusiast. If you are looking for something different than Catan, then this is the game for you. The artwork on the board and cards is really nice and the mechanics of the game make it very enjoyable. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this game. istory Top 10 Best Video Games of 2017 If you want to know more about the best games of 2017, check out our top 10 best video games of 2017 below! These

  • Lead your faction to victory building mechs working the land and
  • Explore the alternate-history of 1920 plus Europe through Jakub R
  • For 1-5 players
  • Play in 90-120 minutes
  • Europa Universalis IV: Vae Victis is the first expansion to the
Wingspan Board Game - A Bird-Collection, Engine-Building Stonemaier Game for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+

Stonemaier Games Wingspan Board Game Our Score: 88% - Recommended

Wingspan is a new board game designed by the prolific designer of many top strategy games. This game was recognized by both the Board Game of the Year (the most prestigious award in its category) and by the Kennerspiel des Jahres (Player vs. Player, Team vs. Team, and Co-op vs. Player). The goal of the game is to score points by completing contracts or gaining glory from winning encounters. Each player has their own unique role with different abilities. It plays in 40-70 minutes for 2-5 players and is great for experienced gamers and people who are new to the hobby.

  • Winner of the most prestigious award in its category the Kenner Spiel des
  • Player vs player team vs team and co-op vs
  • Plays in 40-70 minutes
  • Play as a bird enthusiast seeking to discover and attract the best birds to
  • Expand your enginerisome
Rebel Nemesis - A Board Game 1-5 - Board Games for Family 90-180 Minutes of Gameplay - Games for Family Game Night - for Kids and Adults Ages 14+ - English Version

Rebel Nemesis Board Game 1-5 Players Our Score: 86% - Recommended

There's nothing more exciting than playing a game where you and your friends are in the center of the action. Rebel Nemesis is a competitive board game that lets you experience all the thrills of the zombie apocalypse. It's a quick-playing, action-packed game that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. The goal is simple: collect as many supplies as possible and survive the end of the world. This game can be played by 1-5 players. ]]>

  • Choose your favorite character and survive the apocalypse together
  • High level of replayability Every game is different with room layouts objectives
  • Long-lasting gaming enjoyment
  • Over 500 detailed and high-quality game components
  • Highly immersive Sci-Fi horror game for 1-5 players
Hasbro Gaming Guess Who? Game Original Guessing Game for Kids Ages 6 and Up for 2 Players

Hasbro Gaming Guess Who Game Our Score: 86% - Recommended

I don't think this has been reviewed before. This is the updated version of Guess Who. This was a gift for my 6 year old daughter and she loved it. We haven't played it with other kids yet, but I'm sure it will be a hit at her birthday party. The updated artwork looks great and the characters are fun and funny. If you have young kids or like to play board games with friends or family, this is a must-have. I love that the game is recommended for ages 6+. My daughter is 6 and she can play it easily. It's also easy to understand for adults.

  • The original Guess Who game that inspired the current version in stores today;
  • A Fun Party Game for Kids frontrunner
  • Updated characters and character art not seen in previous versions; 1 board game
  • Classic gameplay with updated characters from the previous edition of Guess Who game
Sorry! Family Board Game

Hasbro Gaming Family Board Game Our Score: 86% - Recommended

Sorry! Family Game Brand Hasbro Gaming is a great game for family and friends. The classic Sorry! board game has been around for years and is loved by all. With over 44 cards and 12 pawns, there are many ways to play the game. Whether you're playing Sorry! with your family or having a tailgating party, this game is perfect for the occasion. Everyone will love it! Product dimensions: 9.4 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches ; 2.2 pounds Our site collects reviews from around the web. This helps us choose the best products for our site.

  • Keeps family together
  • Family game night tailgating or even a poker night with friends
  • Includes gameboard 12 Sorry Pawns 44 cards and
  • Nostalgic tabletop gameplay meets interactive digital content for an immersive gaming experience
  • Hasbro Gaming imagines and produces games that are perfect for every age
SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips by Jax ( Packaging may Vary ) White, 10.3" x 8.1" x 2.31"

Jax SEQUENCE Game with Folding Board Our Score: 86% - Recommended

Jax SEQUENCE Game is an educational game designed to develop STEM skills in children ages 7 and up. Players move the game pieces around the board using strategy and critical thinking to complete the challenge cards.

  • Play as individuals or in teams; choose your own level of difficulty from easy
  • Easy enough for children challenging for adults
  • Exciting gameplay develops STEM skills like strategy critical thinking and collaboration
  • Family fun for 2-12 players ages 7 and upentimes
  • Play a card from your hand and place a chip on a corresponding space
Battleship Classic Board Game Strategy Game Ages 7 and Up For 2 Players

Hasbro Gaming Battleship Classic Board Game Our Score: 86% - Recommended

Hasbro Gaming Battleship Classic Board Game Strategy is a great way to spend time with your kids. We recommend this game for anyone who loves to play classic games and strategy games. This board game comes with pieces, dice, and a play mat. It's easy to store and carry around, making it a great choice for those who are always on the go. The possibilities are endless with the number of ways you can play this classic game. This board game is fun for both kids and adults alike.

  • Classic game of naval combat for kids ages 7 and up
  • Portable Battleship board game that s easy to store and take on the go
  • A variety of ways to play battleship
  • Packaging may vary
  • Classic Battleship game for 2 players sink an opponent s ships for the
Super Fun Family Card Games: 75 Games for All Ages

Rockridge Press Super Fun Family Card Games: Our Score: 83% - Recommended

This is a game of strategy. If you are looking for a game to challenge your brain, this is it. The game is easy to learn and is perfect for kids. We have played the game in the car and the rules are simple enough that you can easily understand how to play while in the car. It comes with everything you need to play. We recommend this product for anyone looking for a fun way to pass the time. URPOWER has received awards from industry experts and has been featured in many reputable publications, including "The New York Times", TechCrunch, ABC News, "Tech In Asia",

  • Classic Battleship Game for Kids ages 7 and up
  • Portable Battleship board game is easy to store and take on the go
  • Advanced play with Salvo feature
  • A substitute for plastic bags
  • Classic Battleship game for 2 players sink an opponent s ships for the

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best board game?

The best board game is the Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game. The average buyer rates it 4.9 out of 5 and we scored it 88%. It's available on Amazon for $60.47

How much does a Board Game cost?

Board games range in price from $60.47 (Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game) to $74.89 (Stonemaier Games Wingspan Board Game). The average price for a Board Game is $41.03

What is the cheapest Board Game?

The cheapest board game is the Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game. The average buyer rates it 4.9 out of 5 and we scored it 88%. It's available on Amazon for $60.47

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A board game here is defined as any game in which pieces are placed on or moved around a flat surface, such as a board. This would include popular centuries-old board games such as Go, Chess, and Checkers, along with more modern games like Settlers of Catan, or even some role-playing games involving game pieces or miniatures.

1. Pandemic, a board game from 2008 that just hits a bit different in 2020 — it's up to you to cure the world of four deadly diseases all in an hour's work.

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