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The Best Kitchen Degreaser: Eliminating the Toughest Grime

Visit any local supermarket and you'll find 30 different degreaser bottles ripe for the picking. Unfortunately, the best kitchen degreaser can't be found in any retail store - but it can be found online. If you want the most effective degreaser to make your kitchen cleanup quick and easy, our research proves that Krud Kutter Concentrated Degreaser is the best way to go. Packaged in a convenient spray bottle, its stain-fighting formula is ultra-efficient at deep cleaning pots, pans, stoves, ovens, and any other kitchen facet or appliance you throw at it. Article Summary

Kitchen cleanup is a daily battle. Fried chicken? Nightmare. Curry? Good luck. We have all experienced the headache of soaking a pot or pan in our most trusted cleaning product only to have to scrub and scrub and scrub to make any kind of dent in the residue coating your cooking surface. Dried-on food, cooked-on grease and general kitchen stains can all be a huge hassle and a daily source of stress. If you’re tired of all of the scrubbing and soaking, it’s time for a new specialized degreaser.

Unfortunately, choosing the best kitchen degreaser isn’t quite as simple as plucking any old bottle off the shelf at your local supermarket. Believe it or not, the unique formula in each bottle does actually make a difference when it comes to cleaning power! If you’ve ever used Dawn Ultra dish soap versus some dollar-store soap foam, you know there is a huge difference in quality and effectiveness. A good, effective kitchen degreaser will use a specialized combination of chemicals and ingredients to disinfect surfaces and remove stains while maintaining the integrity and appearance of your kitchen appliances.

Given the fact that kitchen cleanup is such a common task, it’s only natural that the market is flooded with a ton of degreasers. This is why there are 30 different bottles every time you visit the ‘cleaning product’ section at the store. One smells like flowers, one is purple, and another says “INDUSTRIAL” – how is anyone supposed to pick with options like these?

We decided to dig a little deeper to see which brands truly make the best kitchen degreaser. We started by gathering a list of 20 of the most popular degreasers out there. We examined each product’s list of chemicals and ingredients to verify both effectiveness and safety, and then turned to hands-on user reviews to see how well each product was rated by people who are actually using them every day. We also talked to the owner of a local cleaning company to see what they prefer (since they’re professionals in the business). After filtering the list down to the most effective, we recommend the three products below as the best degreasers for kitchen use.

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Krud Kutter Original
Clean-Rite Purple Power
Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser
Spray bottle
Gallon jug
Spray bottle
Our top pick - fast-acting, highly effective, and easy to use, ideal for home kitchens
Stronger formula, ideal for commercial or industrial kitchen settings
Effective, easy to use, great for those who prefer foam consistency over liquids

The best kitchen degreaser overall

Krud Kutter Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser is far and wide the most popular degreaser on the market, which is no surprise coming from one of the most respected brands in both domestic and professional cleaning and sanitation. Although they offer a plethora of cleaning products, and even multiple niche degreasers with different formulas to cater to more specific purposes, Krud Kutter’s “original formula” continues to be the most preferred degreaser for general kitchen use.

One of the qualities most applauded by customers is the fact that, as strong and effective as this degreaser is, it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Many commercial-grade degreasers contain harsh chemicals and have a high impact on the environment. Krud Kutter is one of the only products out there that can handle tough jobs like taking off excess paint, clearing up blood stains, removing chewing gum from surfaces and cutting through grease and oil, while still meeting the EPA’s Safer Product Standards. Having a super effective degreaser with a low environmental impact is invaluable to many consumers, which explains at least part of Krud Kutter’s popularity.

Another reason why Krud Kutter is the best of the best is due to not only its grease and oil-fighting characteristics, but its identity as one of the best stain removers out there. Being so adept at clearing up two of the most trying household chores make this degreaser an extremely valuable product to have in the home.

Available in a convenient spray bottle (an option not available for many commercial and industrial-grade degreasers), having Krud Kutter Degreaser will make your cleaning routine much easier, while also reducing environmental impact.

A stronger industrial-grade degreaser

Clean-Rite Purple Power is just about the strongest degreaser you can safely use in your home. Clean Rite is one of the top industrial, commercial and home cleaning and treating brands, and its degreaser is highly regarded for its brute strength in dealing with even the toughest grease and cooked on food particles.

This industrial strength cleaner cuts through tough jobs with lightning speed, has a fair price point (for its industrial strength) and has a variety of uses across an even wider variety of industries and niches. With that said, Purple Power is our second choice instead of number one simply because its greatest benefit is also its greatest weakness: its strength.

Clean-Rite advises that you don’t use Purple Power on glass, painted surfaces, aluminum, exterior car services or wheel rims. There are also several safety warnings not to let Purple Power come into contact with your hands, eyes or face. Most chemical products require some discretion, but Purple Power requires gloves and adequate ventilation, as this is the strong stuff. With some rubber gloves and careful consideration in terms of which surfaces you use it on, Purple Power can be one of the most effective items in your cleaning arsenal, just make sure to leave a window open for big projects.

Although Purple Power is biodegradable, its industrial strength that makes it so effective puts a pretty big limitation on its uses, and also makes extended exposure potentially dangerous. Regular contact with the skin and eyes can cause itching and burning. If you’re looking for a degreaser for common household kitchen use, Purple Power may be a bit too powerful, but if you’re working in a commercial or industrial cooking setting, Purple Power could be an effective option for you. Read more on this kitchen degreaser here.

A foam spray option

Goo Gone has been one of the most trusted brands for getting rid of grease and other gunk for over a decade, and many people in the auto industry and automotive enthusiasts swear by it. Its traditional degreaser formula is famous for being tough on built-up grease and gunk while being gentle on the user’s hands. Similarly, Goo Gone’s Kitchen Degreaser is highly regarded by consumers for its effectiveness on mild to moderate grease and oil cleaning (although a bit more scrubbing and labor is required for tough jobs). While its strength might be a little lower than both Krud Kutter and Purple Power, its foam consistency is what really brings this degreaser to light.

The Goo Gone kitchen formula features clinging foam, while the other two products in our top three are liquid degreasers. How does that make a difference? Well, sometimes you spray a surface with your degreaser to the affected area, perhaps on a vertical or angled surface, and it runs right down and pools at the bottom. This can be frustrated, especially when leave-on applications are required. Goo Gone’s clinging foam technology allows you to spray the degreaser on any surface and leave it sit, while the foam clings to the surface and prevents running.

Goo Gone is also surface safe, which means you can use it on pretty much any surface without risk of damaging the surface, as is a definite risk with Purple Power. This gives Goo Gone a special versatility and place in your home as a mild daily cleaner with the power to cut through grease and other stains when you need it.

Although Goo Gone Degreaser isn’t as strong as our top two, it does present its own advantages that may make it the best kitchen degreaser for your specific needs. Most notably, if you prefer a foam product over liquid, this is your best bet.

An all-natural kitchen degreaser worth mentioning

Due to the fact that cleaning power was such an important factor on which we judged the degreasers we researched, an organic degreaser didn’t make the top 3. Although not as strong, your lifestyle may dictate that you use a natural degreaser for your kitchen needs. If that’s the case, we’d suggest you check out the Grab Green Natural Power Degreaser.

This non-toxic, solvent free, phosphate free, ammonia free, biodegradable degreaser is the last word in green cleaning products. The Grab Green degreaser cuts through grease with a little less grace than our top three, but for an all-natural formula it performs wonderfully. This degreaser is also pleasant to use and have around, as it is surface safe and comes in several different scents which have earned this product some rave reviews among the green community.

The different types of degreaser

When dealing with degreaser, there is a lot of variety based on application and style. With that said, when speaking of degreasers for kitchens specifically, the concentrations and strengths are limited to preserve the surfaces in your kitchen and also been safe enough to come into daily contact with your skin and not leave you with itching or burning sensations. This limitation excludes a lot of ingredients that would be in automotive, machine, car or industrial food sanitation degreasers. However, the exclusion of these products doesn’t mean your only options are weak degreasers for your kitchen, it just means that a kitchen degreaser isn’t going to be as effective as an industrial automotive degreaser at cleaning an engine block.

The different types of degreaser you’re going to be dealing with are primarily going to be grouped by concentration: regular strength, extra strength/industrial strength and eco-friendly/”green” are going to be your main subcategories. Different degreasers have different concentrations of different cleaning solutions in them, and these different concentrations and solutions affect grease and kitchen stains differently.

So what is going to determine the strength that you need? The strength of whatever is clinging to your oven range, pots and pans – that’s what.

Regular strength degreaser will take care of your everyday stains and grease buildup. It will also generally be more gentle on your skin and produce fewer strong fumes.

Industrial strength and extra strength degreasers, on the other hand, will most likely be tougher on your skin with extended exposure and can produce some nasty fumes depending on the concentration and the formula.

Degreasers that advertise as being environmentally friendly have a large spectrum on their effectiveness; however, generally speaking, most “green” degreasers aren’t as effective as their not-so-green counterparts.

Things to consider before buying

Kitchen cleanup involves a number of different materials and surfaces, and different strength levels and additives will lend themselves better to tackling certain tasks under the degreasing spectrum. Consider the following questions when choosing the best kitchen degreaser for your own home.

What strength do you need?

Buying a solid degreaser is all about gauging the level of strength you’ll need in the kitchen. If you go all-out and buy the strongest one on the market, it can affect your skin and put off strong fumes. These degreasers will cut through pretty much anything, but they can be unpleasant to work with. If you’re constantly dirtying up dishes with tough grease and requiring a degreaser to cut through dried on food and other nastiness, it won’t do you any good to buy a weaker degreaser, as you’ll be soaking your pots and pans until the cows come home. Finding that sweet spot can be a hassle; but, once you’ve found it, your life in the kitchen will be much easier.

Is environmental friendliness important to you?

There are several “green” degreasers on the market; however, that doesn’t separate them into a group on their own. There are three levels of environmental impact degreasers generally have: regular/extra strength , environmentally-friendly, and organic. Regular and extra strength degreasers will have the most negative environmental impact out of the three, as the chemicals added therein are simply aimed at fighting grease and nothing else, while staying within certain government mandated levels to avoid extreme environmental impact. Environmentally friendly degreasers will have several cleaning chemicals and possess a good amount of cleaning power, but they are geared more towards being softer on the environment than the former. Lastly, organic degreasers are made of all-natural products and have extremely low carbon and medical footprints. If an all-natural lifestyle is something that is important to you, organic could be the way to go, although you will be sacrificing a fair amount of cleaning power.

How kitchen degreaser formula works

So you’re browsing from product to product and you find yourself wondering, “how do these even work?” It’s a fair question – spraying this miracle spray on a baking sheet with tough, baked on food particles and grease, then wait a few minutes and it comes right off; what’s happening there? Although the use of degreasers and the chemicals involved can seem very complicated and difficult to understand, conceptually the actions are pretty simple. There are basically two scientific concepts that come into play here: pH and the attracting and repelling of water molecules by way of surfactants.

Cooking oil is fairly neutral in pH. Peanut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and pretty much any other type of oil is very stable when being stored. The story changes, however, when the oil is used for cooking. Most types of oil, when cooked, start to turn acidic. If you’re one of those that reuses cooking oil, each use can add more acidity to the oil, making it more difficult to clean once you’re done. Degreasers contain “surfactants” (agents that act on the surface) that will target higher pH compounds to target the oil, grease or whatever nastiness is on your pots and pans instead of the cooking surface. (this is one of the main things we looked at when comparing formulas to determine the best degreaser for kitchen use).

This targeting that the degreaser has to do to keep your surfaces clean while eating away the grease isn’t the product of alien technology or miniature lasers, it is all about water. Surfactants are composed of hydrophobes and hydrophiles.

Hydrophobes are compounds that don’t like water. You know what else doesn’t like water? Oil and grease don’t like water. Hydrophobes are attracted to these similar compounds as they all move away from the water; and, if you combine a hydrophobic compound with a solution that breaks down acids, that allows you to target your cleaning power to the materials clinging to your cooktop and other surfaces.

Hydrophiles, on the other hand, move toward water. If you have a product that contains solutions to bind to grease and move away from water, while simultaneously pulling itself apart from the hydrophilic material, you are not only able to attack grease, but you are able to separate it from the cooking surface while it’s being attacked by the acid-targeting hydrophobe.

Other ways to use your new degreaser

One of the biggest factors in the purchase of any product for your home is its cross-compatibility with other uses. Being able to make the most of your purchases will save you money, time, effort and many headaches. Having a few of these “cure-all” products in your home maintenance arsenal can take a lot of stress and hassle out of any projects and daily tasks that come up. Luckily, most degreasers fit that “cure-all” description and can take care of a handful of tasks around the house. Here are a few of the accessory purposes a degreaser can serve in your home, to make your life a little easier:

Stain remover

Many degreasers on the market can also be used to remove tough stains out of many surfaces and fabrics in your home. Many customers have reported being able to use their degreaser to remove stains or residue from leather seats in their cars, on their floors; and, probably most importantly, carpet. Carpet stains can be a nightmare, especially for those that get them regularly due to unruly pets, unruly children or a clumsy significant other. The formula in a degreaser can bind to the stain and lift it while leaving the carpet intact and clean. Some customers have even reported using these cleaning agents to help remove stains from hardwood floors during refinishing projects.

Grill cleaner

Although kitchen degreasers are primarily meant for indoor use, they also excel at cleaning your outdoor gas or charcoal grill. After all, regardless of indoor or outdoor, the purpose is pretty much the same. Dried on food residue and burnt particles can stick to your grill rack with the might of 300 Spartan soldiers if left alone too long. A good degreaser will help to lift that cooked-on residue and get your grill back to a shiny, metallic and operational finish so that food doesn’t continue to stick – nothing ruins a cookout faster than when half of your hamburger elects not to leave the grill.

Tools and automotive

Working with tools can be messy, depending on if what you’re working on is lubricated with oil or grease. Not only can this grease get all over your hands, it can get all over your tools; and once grease gets on your tools, it’s going to stick around for a while until it’s dealt with. Cleaning your tools is going to take more than a shop rag, unfortunately. Kitchen degreaser can be a great solution to clean your tools and take any built-up grease off of car parts. Simply let your tools or car components soak for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a rag to bring back your equipment’s original luster.

Wrapping it up

A good degreaser can be one of the most powerful cleaning agents not only in your kitchen, but in your entire home. Because of this fact, you should make sure to take the time and do your due diligence to make sure you’re choosing the best kitchen degreaser to serve your needs and the needs of your household. Our top three in this guide are at the top-tier of the market, but if they don’t completely suit your needs, take into account all of the information in this guide to help you choose the right one.


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