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The Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms of Any Size

Essential oil diffusers comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and each has their place depending on your specific usage. When it comes to larger areas like living rooms and office spaces, the bigger diffuser, the better (to a certain extent). To find the best essential oil diffuser for large rooms, we reviewed 12 larger-than-average models. After comparing sizes, methods of diffusion, design, and more, we think the URPOWER 500ml Oil Diffuser has the best balance of performance, features, and price. It's not only capable of covering 430 sq. ft., but it doubles as a humidifier and has the capacity to run for 10 hours straight before needing a refill. Article Summary

The use of aromatherapy has its roots in ancient cultures, when our ancestors burned all different types of plants and oils to maintain relaxation and boost psychological and physical well-being. These days, things aren’t much different, except for the more modern methods of distributing scents such as candles, incense, and diffusers.

Diffusers – more specifically, essential oil diffusers – are easily the most popular method of modern aromatherapy, using various styles like heat, electricity, and even ultrasonic vibration to turn essential oils into a fine misted aroma that permeates the room. Essential oil diffusers come in a variety of different capacities, and the size and power is relative to how big of an area you’re trying to cover.

When it comes to larger rooms like offices, studios, or even big living rooms at home, finding an appropriately spec’d diffuser is key to ensure all areas of the room can benefit. As a general guideline, the best essential oil diffuser for large rooms is going to be one that has a larger oil capacity (therefore allowing it to last longer without requiring frequent refills), but it also has to have the right method of diffusion to be able to cover bigger spaces.

With size and distribution for large rooms at the top of our priority list, plus a host of regular quality checks like quality and design, we found 12 larger-than-average diffusers and compared their details. We ran each model by two aromatherapy experts for their opinions, and we also read through reviews from customers who own each diffuser to compile their experiences. After careful consideration and a process of elimination, we’ve narrowed the list down to the three models that we believe offer the best coverage for bigger areas.

Product image of the URPOWER diffuser
Product image of the NexGadget diffuser
Product image of the Apalus diffuser
NexGadget 400
Apalus 500



430 sq. ft.
500 sq. ft.
1,000 sq. ft.
10 hours
8-12 hours
18 hours
Additional Features
Humidifier, timer, alternating light with 7 colors, auto shut-off
Humidifier, air purifier, ioniser, timer, alternating light with 7 colors, auto shut-off
Humidifier, timer, alternating light with 7 colors, auto shut-off
18 months (plus 45-day money-back guarantee)
18 months (plus 45-day money-back guarantee)
The best balance of performance and price
A more attractive design with more features, but higher price
The highest level of coverage, but higher price

The best essential oil diffuser for large rooms

The URPOWER 500ml Oil Diffuser isn’t just our top pick for this guide, it’s also one of the best-selling diffusers on the entire market, which is completely understandable considering how much it offers. The reason why we chose this diffuser as our top pick is pretty simple: you are looking at a very affordable unit that has the necessary volume to cover a larger room without any problems. On top of that, there are a few more features that add to the already incredible value you get.

URPOWER has designed this particular diffuser to act as a humidifier as well as a night lamp aside from its original function. This multifunctional nature reveals how this diffuser works: URPOWER’s 500ml unit is an ultrasonic diffuser. That means the device is vibrating the liquid at some 2.4 million times per second, turning it into a very fine mist that is then released into the air. We will talk later in this guide about the various types of diffusers, but the ultrasonic kind is among the most effective.

Let’s talk about the tank on this thing. What does 500ml capacity mean for you? In general, you can expect some 10 hours of uptime per tank of water before requireing a refill. When in diffuser mode, you can cover 430 Sq ft, while the humidifier covers the maximum of 269 Sq ft. When the water runs out, the diffuser will turn off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on. On a similar note, you can use the built-in timer to turn on or off the device, which is handy if you’ve got a set routine you follow every day.

In terms of other controls, there are several more that will make the use of URPOWER’s diffuser a much smoother process. When you need to turn on the light, all you have to is press the corresponding button. As soon as you do that, built-in LEDs will come to life. When in default mode, lights will change color. However, if you find a color that you like, all you have to do is press the Light button again to stay with that color. To turn off the lamp, just press the button and hold it for a second or so. There is also a button that controls the intensity of the spray. You have two modes, High and Low. To switch between them, you need to press the corresponding button and the device will beep at you. One beep means it set at high while hearing two beeps means the spray intensity is set to low.

URPOWER’s diffuser comes with a charger as well as a measuring cup to help fill its oil tank. It is strongly recommended that you consult the user manual before starting to use the diffuser to ensure you set it up right. On top of that, URPOWER recommends that you clean this diffuser at least once a week. The good thing is – if you encounter any problems while setting up or using this model over time, URPOWER offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee as well as an 18-month warranty.

Overall, the URPOWER 500ml Diffuser offers everything one could want from one of these devices: a simple design, quality performance (and more specifically, one that is appropriately spec’d for the bigger areas), and a great price. If you’re looking for the best essential oil diffuser for large rooms, it’s hard to find a pick better than this.

A more attractive alternative with more features

Our second pick, the NexGadget 400ml Diffuser, is a very close runner-up to the URPOWER diffuser. However, there are several differences that make it stand out and may make it a better or worse choice for you depending on your needs. As an overview, the NexGadget offers a much more attractive design, but it does come at a slightly higher price and with a slightly smaller tank size.

The very first thing you will notice about the NexGadget diffuser is its design. This thing looks more like a futuristic vase than anything else, with a nice wood-grain exterior and a soft glowing LED strip around the body. While we personally find this attractive and think it comes off more luxurious than our previous pick, others might not feel the same way. NexGadget obviously wanted to make something that could easily blend into the surrounding environment without sticking out too much (as a comparison, the URPOWER model is much more noticeable around the room when lighted because the entire body lights up as opposed to just a single LED strip like NexGadget).

In terms of functionality, you are looking at an essential oil diffuser, a humidifier, a light, but also an ionizer and air purifier, which gives you a ton of functionality out of a single device. At its core, this is also an ultrasonic diffuser. The frequency is set at 2.4 MHz, just like the URPOWER model above. This is a 400ml unit, making a bit smaller than our top pick. However, NexGadget claims some 500 sq ft of coverage, which is up there with the URPOWER.

When it comes to controls, NexGadget’s model features two buttons. One is labeled Mist while other is labeled Light. Mist control allows you to choose the intensity with High and Low being the available modes. This button also enables you to set the timer. Choices here are limited to 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or Steady-On mode (which basically just means it stays on all the time).

If you want to use the light feature, the deal is pretty much the same as the model above. One press of the Light button turns on the LEDs that start changing colors. Pressing the button again allows you to stay on the selected color. The main difference here is that NexGadget’s diffuser features a only an LED strip that runs around the device at its base. As such, the light output is not very powerful. This limits its use as a night light.

The reason why we placed NexGadget’s Diffuser in second place is due to the fact that it offers a slightly smaller tank size at almost double the price of our top pick. At the end of the day, it’s still not too expensive and will still easily be able to cover large rooms just fine, but this is where you get to personally decide whether you care more about an attractive design (NexGadget) or simply want something that does the job regardless of aesthetics (URPOWER).

A more expensive diffuser with more range

The Apalus Glass Diffuser shares a very similar design to our top pick, and it performs just as good and offers a lot of the same functions and features. So why the knock down to third place? Well, although the two offer a product that’s much the same, the Apalus is almost double the price. With that said, if you were turned away by anything about the URPOWER unit, the Apalus offers the largest range of coverage and a calming design that looks good no matter where you put it.

One look at Apalus reveals just how attractive (and relaxing) this diffuser is. Apalus went with a matted glass design that looks awesome and gives off a very nice, soft glow when you’ve got the light turned on.

To be completely honest, the type of light Apalus provides is probably the most outstanding feature it offers. Since it has a glass bowl on top of the diffuser and the LEDs are inside the container, the light has a very organic vibe to it, especially if you choose colors such as dark blue or purple. Understandably, light is not that high on the list of priorities for any diffuser. However, it is fair to say that Apalus’ unit would be worth it just for the light effect it brings to the table.

When it comes to functionality, you are looking at the more or less the same deal as our previous two picks: this model functions as an essential oil diffuser, a humidifier, and a night lamp. The water tank is 500ml, but Apalus claims their diffusion system is so good that it can cover an impressive 1000 sq ft of space for 8-18 hours.

In terms of buttons and controls, these are about the same as well. There are two buttons, one for mist control and the other for controlling the lights. You can set the timer for 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or continuous mode. Either one you choose is fine considering that this diffuser has an auto-off feature that engages once the water levels reach a certain minimum.

Since it offers nearly the same quality performance and coverage as our other picks, the only reason why we have placed the Apalus 500ML Glass Diffuser as a third choice is its price. While it is definitely nice to look at and has a much more refined appearance, it still doesn’t offer anything necessarily more valuable than either of the previous diffusers we have talked about.

How we picked our top three

There is a pretty sizable industry for essential oil diffusers. As expected, you will find a lot of good ones, but also a lot of useless devices that are being marketed far better than they actually perform. In addition, there are many different styles and sizes that are each suited best for certain settings, such as small bedrooms, office buildings, or even essential oil diffusers for cars. To find the best essential oil diffuser for large rooms and big areas, we used the following guidelines.


Regular diffuser capacities run in the 100-300ml size range, but we were looking for oil diffusers that could cover a large room for a reasonable amount of time. That mean anything below 400ml in volume simply wouldn’t cut it. 500ml is probably the best middle of the road solution where you get the best combination of coverage and performance. With 600ml tanks and above, you may start to experience aromas that are too strong (depending on how large your area actually is), or you may simply just be paying for more than you really need. Also, larger tanks like that require much more energy to diffuse the oils, which may be a setback depending on your specific usage. With that said, we ideally looked for diffusers in the 400-500ml range, and that’s exactly what we ended up with for each of our picks, allowing them to fit the “large room” requirement quite comfortably.


Seeing how an essential oil diffuser can come in just about any shape or form, selecting a specific design was one of the harder things we had to do. Two out of three models on our list feature the most neutral design possible. In other words, they are just a water tank sitting on top of the diffuser unit. There are many other interesting designs out there, like our second pick, but not all unique designs offer great diffusion because the design prevents it. When choosing our top three, we wanted to keep things as neutral as possible, focusing mainly on performance. Function over form is always a good way to go, especially since everyone has their own standards for aesthetics.

Additional features

Being simple in nature means that many brands often try to spice up their diffusers by including additional features, such humidification, air purification, and more. While each of the models we chose offers some of these extra features, this was more of a last priority for us in the selection process. We were looking for a strong core performance. Everything else that comes as extra is just a bonus. With most models, the least you are going to get in addition to standard oil diffusion is a light. That alone is a simple yet effective way of increasing the functionality of your diffuser, as light therapy can be a soothing addition to aromatherapy, especially in the evening.

Things to consider before buying

Before you set your mind on a specific diffuser, we’d recommend considering a few of the following questions to ensure you pick the right one for your personal usage. How and where you plan to use your diffuser may affect which model you decide to go with.

How big is the area you plan to put your diffuser in?

Everyone has a different definition for what a “large room” can be. In our minds, we pictured living rooms or small offices, something around the 400-700 sq ft range. Therefore, each of the diffusers we chose offers great coverage for this range. However, your specific needs may be less or more, so consider the exact square footage of the room you’re trying to cover and double-check that the brand you’re interested in can fit your requirements. Remember: the fact that a diffuser comes with a larger tank doesn’t necessarily mean it offers the necessary coverage. Every brand will state just how far their diffusers reach.

How is the area configured?

One factor that ties into the whole coverage issue is the configuration of the room you plan on installing the diffuser. If it is a simple four walls, square room, you shouldn’t really run into any problems. However, if there are many intersecting walls, dividers or similar obstacles, things are a bit different. Chances are that the diffuser will still be able to get you the coverage you need, but don’t be surprised if certain parts of the room don’t get as exposed to the aromas. The best way to go around solving this problem is to plug the diffuser in the area of the room where you are going to spend the most time.

There is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to cost

Essential oil diffusers may come across as a complicated piece of tech, but they are actually quite simple in nature. In other words, manufacturing them doesn’t cost too much. This is something we kept in mind during our search for the top three, but it’s something you should keep in mind when shopping as well, as you probably won’t be rewarded with many benefits just by choosing a model that’s more expensive. There is definitely a point of diminishing returns with these products.

The different types of diffusers

Each of the diffusers we chose are ultrasonic, meaning they use vibration to turn the essential oils into a fine mist which is then spread throughout the air. However, there are several other types of diffusion that can be used as well, such as heat or electricity. Knowing the difference between each method can prove to be very useful depending on your intended application.


As mentioned above, ultrasonic diffusers use ultrasonic vibration, usually at around 2.4 MHz, to turn the water/essential oils mixture into a fine mist. On top of that, they also serve as humidifiers. Ultrasonic is probably the most popular choice because of its efficiency; you get a pretty even spread of essential oils throughout the room, even in larger rooms. The only drawback is they are a little tougher to clean, and they require cleaning a little more often than others. With that said, as long as you follow a thorough cleaning process, it shouldn’t be too difficult. You can check out this cleaning guide from DoTERRA for guidance – while it was written specifically for DoTERRA products, the processes can be used on any pretty much any diffuser.


This type of oil diffuser has the most neutral performance in terms of how it affects different people. Those with health issues will benefit from a nebulizer much more than any other type of diffuser out there. A nebulizer doesn’t require heat nor water in order to disperse essential oils into the surrounding area. Instead, it uses an atomizer to get the oils airborne. The only real issue with a nebulizer is how noisy it is. To some, the noise is just not worth the benefits.


Heat diffusers, as their name implies, utilize heat to spread the essential oils into the air. This means that you don’t have to use water or any other assistance to get the results you need. However, the fact that it uses heat can cause issues with consistency. Depending on what kind of oil you are using, you might end up with weak results. Some oils are just not made to be used with a heat diffuser, while some of those which are might simply fail to diffuse.


Evaporative diffusers are considered to be the most basic kind. They will generally have a fan that is placed behind a filter of some sorts. Once you apply the oil to the filter, the fan will disperse the oils as it blows through the filter. The only major drawback of this design is in its efficiency. In essence, it will cause lighter components in the oil to spread much faster than the heavier ones. This causes an imbalance of diffusion that can impact the scents you get.

Wrapping it up

Finding the best essential oil diffuser for large rooms is a bit trickier than finding any old regular one. You have to take several things into consideration, not just with the device itself, but also with the size and configuration of the room you plan to use it in. Our main goal in choosing diffusers was to find those that had larger capacities in order to fill bigger areas, but we also specific looked for ultrasonic models because those tend to give the best results (in general, but especially when wide coverage is needed). No matter which you choose, each of the models we’ve recommended should give you a pretty even and consistent spread of aromas in rooms even as large as 1,000 square feet.


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