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The Best Cat Window Perch for Your Furry Feline

A window perch is an excellent change from the norm that can give your cat a view and keep him or her entertained all day long. However, window perches have to meet a few important quality standards before you trust them to hold your cat suspended mid-air throughout the day. We compared the designs, materials, and other specs of 15 popular perches, and we've found the Kitty Cot to be the best cat window perch available. It's four-point suction cup system is tested and proven to securely hold any cat up to 25 lbs, and its rugged materials can handle daily cat abuse with ease. Article Summary

Cats have a huge number of options when it comes to hangout and play areas, from simple beds to massive trees, but one of the most interesting is the window perch. Window perches are essentially beds that hang from the window so that your cat has a place to sit that’s out of the way, while also giving them access to the warmth of the sun and the interest of whatever is going on outside the window.

Cat window perches are relatively simple products, but not all are made equally, which is why it’s important to do your research to make sure you buy the right product. Not only do you want to find something that your cat will be comfortable in and enjoy, but you want to choose a perch that’s strong and stable so that you don’t run the risk of having it fall off the window with your cat inside!

To help you find the best cat window perch for your little bundle of whiskers, we performed three days worth of research on 15 different perches. We started by comparing sizes, materials, and designs because we wanted to find perches that could withstand high weight limits while providing stability on any type of window (pet safety is our top priority). After that, we look at hundreds of customer reviews because we wanted to see how well customers’ cats were enjoying each perch (because a strong perch won’t do much good if your cat isn’t comfortable, right?). In the end, we believe the best cat window perches are the three options below.

Image of the Kitty Cot perch
Image of the K&H perch
Image of the Sunny Seat perch
Kitty Cot
K&H EZ Mount Bed
Sunny Seat



26" x 14"
27" x 11"
22" x 12"
Weight Limit
25 lbs
60 lbs
30 lbs
90 days with 30-day money-back guarantee
1 year
1 year with 30-day money-back guarantee

The best cat window perch overall

The Kitty Cot was one of the first window perches ever invented for cats, and since then it has grown to become the most popular cat bed out there due to its simple design and rugged construction. It’s been called, “The World’s Best Cat Perch,” by numerous pet companies and websites, and it also has our vote as the best car window perch out there.

The Kitty Cot’s design is simple: a PVC-framed platform suspended with two cables, all secured using suction cups. At first, this might sound like a DIY project you can make at home, but make no mistake; this product has been crafted using only the best materials for the job.

The suction cups are made in the USA and patented for their simple yet highly-secure attachment, which have awarded this perch over 95% positive reviews for its level of support (pet safety is our top priority, so this was a big deal to us when scoring models). In addition, the cables which hang the platform are no craft store yarn – they’re braided steel (some cats like to chew on the cables of perches, but your furry friend’s teeth won’t be able to make it through 1/8” stainless steel). Finally, the platform surface is a durable canvas material that can hold up to any amount of regular scratching and clawing. To sum things up: this perch was designed for daily cat abuse.

With a 26″ x 14″ surface area, the platform offers the perfect amount of space for one or even two cats to lounge around and watch birds, bask in the sun, or view the outdoors. The flat surface makes it easy for your cat to get in and out of, even if he or she is older and is having trouble being as agile as before. However, the only minor drawback to be aware of here is that it can only support 25 lbs. While this is still significant and ample for most cats, if you have one or more cats, or you have a large breed, such as Maine Coon cats, this can certainly be an issue.

Overall, the Kitty Cot is the go-to solution for window perches. It’s easy to install, offers a comfortable and sizable platform that can accommodate most cats, and has the highest cat approval rating out of any other model we looked at.

A unique couch-style perch

Sometimes unconventional is bad – other times, it is very, very good. This is a case of the latter. The K&H EZ Mount Window Bed is far from traditional, but it offers convenience and many favorable aspects that have both customers and industry professionals loving its modern design.

Using a three-point suction cup system, this carrier easily attaches to most windows in no more than 20 seconds – and when it comes to sturdiness, it’s got a 27″ x 11″ bed size capable of holding a massive 60 lbs. Many manufacturers out there make claims that their perches hold up to 40lbs or 50lbs, but when it’s time to deliver on this claim, they fall short. This perch is as strong as it says, holding up to some of the biggest breeds of cat out there. Truth be told, if your cat is on the larger side, he or she may have a little trouble fitting into the actual bed – but it can definitely hold the weight.

Because of its modern unibody design, this bed is extremely aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t stick out like a total eyesore. The unique construction of this bed allows cats to hop in and cuddle up against the back, forming a nice little cocoon of warmth and bird-watching possibilities. The only issue we came across with the design is that some cats are intimidated by it and seemingly afraid to hop in. However, most owners have noted that if they physically pick their cat up and put him or her in the perch, they become more understanding of what it’s made for.

This product has earned a loyal following of cat owners for its stylish design, but also thanks to the convenience derived from K&H’s “Amazin’ Kitty Pad”. This is a soft, comfortable pad that’s designed to trap dander and hair to help maintain cleanliness, and it’s easily removable and washable for usage over and over.

Overall, the K&H EZ Mount Perch isn’t really any better or worse than the Kitty Cot – it’s just different. It offers a higher weight limit with an easier installation process, but also a slightly more confusing design (for cats, at least). If you think your cat might enjoy this couch-style design over a typical flat surface, this K&H model is the way to go.

A good value for your dollar

Our third pick is the Sunny Seat, another popular cat perch on the market and commonly known as the default perch one buys when they’re simply looking for one that will “do the trick” – and “do the trick” it does. This model is extremely similar to the Kitty Cot in construction; however, there are a few features that don’t quite stack up. With that said, there are also some features that outshine it, so let’s discuss the differences below.

At 22” x 12″, this is the shortest perch on our list. It still provides a fair amount of room for the average house cat, but it’s important to keep in mind compared to our last two picks which have an extra few inches in either direction (this is really only a big deal if you have a large cat that likes to sprawl out).

According to manufacturer specifications, the suction cups are rated for a total 30lb carrying capacity which puts it just higher than the Kitty Cot but still quite a bit less than the K&H. However, we must note that we did come across a few consumer reviews to the contrary, so if you’ve got a heavier cat, you may want to consider a perch that’s consistently proven itself as stronger.

The biggest point of appeal to the Sunny Seat is its price. At under $20, it’s roughly half price of both our previous picks, and when you consider how similar the Sunny Seat is in capacity and construction to the Kitty Cot, it adds a ton of value to the prospective purchase. In addition, both the washable cover and easy assembly also add to the appeal, including the fact that the cover actually hides the PVC (which just makes things more aesthetically pleasing).

The Sunny Seat is what we’d consider the best “value” choice on the market. We would still recommend going with one of the other two picks above due to their more consistent safety reports, but as long as you stay mindful to frequently check the connection on this perch (which should do anyways no matter which model you go with), it should be more than suitable.

How we picked our top three

Although we discussed aesthetics in each of our above reviews, appearance was not something we considered a standard to score when searching for the best cat window perch. Instead, we looked at more important factors like the materials used to make the perch (for strength and safety purposes), the general design (for usability purposes), and more. Below is a full explanation of each specific category.


Finding a “cute” perch for your cat is great, but seeing it tattered and laying in pieces after a week of use is not so great. We looked for cat perches that were made out of exceptionally durable materials so that they can stand up to the test of time, as well as the test of a playful feline. Thick PVC, composites, canvas, and other strong materials were at the top of our list when we considered the specifications and individual construction of each perch. Each offers durable materials that can easily support the size, weight, and potential clawing and chewing of any cat.


While strength was our top priority due to safety concerns for your pet, we also paid close attention to design. After all, strong materials don’t really matter if it has inconvenient design flaws left and right and doesn’t actually end up being used by your cat. As we all know, cats can be picky little ones, so a design that’s easy to use and comfortable to lounge in is crucial. We know that no perch can please every cat, but we looked for perches with the highest satisfaction ratings from customers. We read through hundreds of reviews across over a dozen models, and we can say without question that the picks we’ve chosen have the highest number of happy cats!

Ease of installation

A product that is easy to put together, as long as it ticks all the other marks, is just nicer all around. We’ve all had our fair share of flatpack, fiberboard furniture that’s nearly impossible to assemble, and we didn’t want a cat perch to put you through the same issues – especially because incorrect installation could potentially lead to safety concerns for your pet. We turned to user manuals and consumer reviews to give us a good consensus on whether the product was a pain or a piece of cake. The K&H model was rated easiest in the installation category, but the other two weren’t too far behind.

Things to consider before buying

While a cat perch seems a simple enough product, there are a few intricacies to each one – especially when you’re considering that this is a product you want to last you a while. We’ve laid out a few personalized questions below to help you choose the best window perch for your specific situation at home.

How big is your cat? (size and weight)

The reason behind this question is pretty obvious – perches have different sizes and weight limits, and you want to make sure you get one that can handle your specific cat. Consider the present and the future with this question. In other words, let’s say your cat is young. Will he or she gain size and weight with age? Depending on the specific perch you’re looking at, will your cat ever get to the point where he or she outgrows it?

Will the perch need to accommodate more than one cat?

Similar to the question above, considering whether you will ever have more than one cat on your perch is another area where the size and strength of the design comes into play. If you currently have more than one cat, then you need to make sure you get something that’s proven to be sturdy. On the other hand, if you currently only have one cat, ask yourself whether you’ll ever have another in the near future, or maybe whether a friend or family member ever brings their cat(s) over to your house?

What kind of windows do you have?

Most people shop without considering the type of window the perch will actually be placed on, which is strange considering windows are glass, and glass is fragile. If you’re thinking of putting this on a big double-strength window overlooking the front yard, then you shouldn’t have any issues with which model you go for. However, if you’re thinking about a small single-pane window in a room or maybe over the sink, you need to be careful with weight as this could cause the window to shatter.

Hanging window perches vs. sill perches

While searching for different window perches, you’re likely to come across designs that, instead of hanging from the window, rest on the sill. These sill perches have a few distinct qualities that separate them – below, we’re going to stack them up with hanging perches so that you can make the distinction on your own and decide which is actually better for your needs.

Window PerchSill Perch
ImageImage of a generic hanging window perchImage of a generic sill perch
StrengthWindow perches rely on suction cups to provide a solid hold, and the general capacity is around 30lbs or less for these. This may seem like a surprisingly high number, but these suction cups grab on and really hold tight – they will generally use two suction cups at the top to suspend the perch, with an optional two attached to the perch itself, so that it doesn’t move around.The kneejerk reaction would be that a sill perch is going to be much stronger than a hanging window perch because it is resting on something solid and has the bolsters or a wedge to provide leverage. However, most windowsill perches are actually weaker than window perches. This is mostly due to the fact that many are secured with Velcro to the sill and a great deal of the sill perches on the market are made from very flimsy materials.
ConvenienceThis is probably the best feature of window perches – they can be stuck on any window (or even a wall or refrigerator, if you feel so inclined) without the necessity of a sill or wall to help bear the load. When you want to move it, simply undo the suction cups and re-stick them somewhere else.For a windowsill perch, you need a windowsill. Many windows don’t have sills, or they have very shallow sills that lack the depth required to attach a cat perch. The sheer fact that you may just not be able to use this product if you lack deep windowsills in your home, or the next place you move to, are both huge hits to the product’s convenience.
DurabilityWindow perches are tough, but the very nature of their construction dictates that they have to be made out of materials that can be strong, but not hard enough to scratch your windows when the cat spots a bird outside and loses their mind.Sill perches generally stand up to the test of time very well. They often have many components made of metal and other heavy materials that will ensure that it’s weight helps it stay steady on the sill.

Wrapping it up

A window perch for your cat is a great investment not only to give you a bit of space and peace of mind, but to give your cat a sun-bathed view of the outdoors for endless hours of relaxation. While the Kitty Cot won our vote as the best cat window perch out there, there are other designs (such as our second pick from K&H) that offer a more unique lounge design. You know your cat better than we do, so consider what he or she may like best and they’ll thank you forever for their new sky-top suite in the house.

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  1. While I appreciate very much this comparison, having not known about the window perches- I fear that the window would break. I live in an apartment with single pane windows. This alone would keep me from considering a window perch. Meanwhile, you’re correct about the shortcomings of the sill perch as I have purchased one and had to bring it back due to the fact that my sills are too shallow and the velcro strips insufficient. Bottom line; bummer!

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